BJ Penn Could Still Fight, But Doesn’t Want To Get Beat Up

Former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Champion BJ Penn hung up his gloves in December after losing to Rory MacDonald via unanimous decision. It wasn’t the first time he retired, following a loss to Nick Diaz the previous year he also gave retirement a try. He came back.

It’s been seven months since the fight against MacDonald and this week Penn spoke about the possibility of making another return to the Octagon:

“I’m still just hanging out, honestly. At this moment, my guess is probably a little better than yours, but I don’t know. I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I am training. I’m starting to train a bit more, for my health a lot. I’m a fighter, I’m a fighter deep inside. If I felt it, if it ever comes back — not saying that it’s gone — I don’t know.

You know how being a fighter is, your mind changes from time-to-time. Of course I’m looking, Anderson (Silva) he’s 39 and he’s in there fighting, I’m like ‘I’m 34, why can’t I fight again?’ It’s gotta be right. There’s no sense in me going back into the Octagon and getting beat up in front of everybody, that just doesn’t make any sense.”

Would you like to see Penn make a return?


  1. he is pretty good at getting beat up

  2. Bj should be fighting at lightweight Again.

  3. BJ has nothing to prove…he gave some beatings and took some as well…he was a Champion and will always be one.

  4. How about getting a real camp so that doesn’t happen again?

  5. There must be some bottom feeder at either 155 or 170 that would accept that challenge haha

  6. Fight Edgar again and get that win back. Guaranteed you won’t get beat up just slapped for 3 rounds n bored to death.

  7. I’m selfish and I love to watch him fight would love to see him give it another shot at LW!!

  8. Let him fight new guys then

  9. BJ Penn has nothing to prove. He is indisputably on of the greatest fighters in MMA history. Let the man retire and enjoy his family.

  10. like everybody in this sport … fight without get beat up

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