Could Tito Ortiz Be Planning Comeback To MMA?

Could former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz be planning a comeback to MMA?

That could be the case as the “Huntington Beach Bad” posted some cryptic tweets the past few days relating to possibly making a comeback. It started with Tito posting that he felt that his body was healed and that “fighting was starting to sound fun again”.

He followed it up with the this image of himself with the caption “Comebacks are always the best test! Live life to the fullest.”


Finally he posted this tweet:

So there you have it, something is brewing at Team Punishment but would the UFC welcome Ortiz back? Who would he fight?


  1. lets hope not…

  2. please no. how much you wanna bet ortiz-k. shamrock?

  3. maybe he could fight ken shamrock again. lol. president obama has won more elections than tito has fights in the past 5 years

  4. hope not

  5. why ortiz sucks now, He has never evolved as a fighter, So now he is a just a punching bag.

  6. just stop already Tito

  7. Agreed

  8. He might be successful outside the UFC

  9. Tito will bAck get champion anytime.

  10. Tito just stick to banging porn stars… you can pretend there…

  11. Guy has been washed up for 6 to 7 years…give it up buddy. MMA has evolved and your game is as stagnant as your girl is to porn now…

  12. A comeback as what, an obnoxious, self-absorbed asshole? I didn’t know he had stopped.

  13. he will go to bellator if he comes back. current 205ers in the UFC outside of bader will handle Ortiz.

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