Dana White Talks Tito Ortiz Return: Who Gives A S@!&?

UFC President Dana White has never really been one to pull punches when speaking about Tito Ortiz and things were no different when White was questioned about a possible Tito Ortiz return earlier this week:

“Who gives a s–t?” White said.

“Tito’s lost every fight he’s had for the last three years or something? He won one fight in the last three years against Ryan Bader. Tito hung in there and made some more money. He was a guy who was around in the early days. It’s time for Tito to move on.”

“Tito’s going to have to do whatever Tito’s going to have to do. Tito is the guy who back in the early days was like, ‘I’m going to retire young from this sport. I’m going to become an actor, and my Punishment Athletics line is going through the roof. I’m not going to be that guy who hangs around the sport.’ Does anybody remember all that s—?

“Now Tito’s like, ‘Yeah, I think I’m going to come back. I haven’t won a fight in three years, and I’m old.’ Obviously, Tito needs money. That’s the only reason he would come back.”

One is left to wonder if White would be more interested in the return talks if it were for Ortiz to finally face him in a boxing match.


  1. tito suckssssssssssssss

  2. Really Dana ?

  3. nobody likes tito, lets be real…… and he’s not fun to watch

  4. Why bother…?

  5. why would tito come back? soooo far past his prime. cant hang with any top fighter. wait…he can probably beat up ken shamrock again. thats about it.

  6. Dana White sucks

  7. Make him fight Chuck!!!

  8. I’m not a Tito fan, but guys lets be real here, who really sounds like a doushe bag?? Tito did help put the UFC on the map with his main stream . For Dana the business man to say those harsh words for his personal interest is not nice. But if Tito does come back, feed him to Belfort as a rematch .

  9. It true tito help put ufc on the map but nobody cares for him or his fights .”I can’t stand him “He’s a no money fighter….

  10. Tito has stuck around too long, and Rampage is on the verge. Seems like Bellatore might be the retirement plan for UFC. I sure hope they were joking about Roy Jones Jr fighting. I think the right boxer could win some mma fights. But Roy has been getting paid to get knocked out for a while now. Such a shame.

  11. Like him or not, Tito got me interested in mma. If nothing else, Tito and Rampage will be a reminder of how good it used too be. As a casual fan, I can’t keep up with all the new names and afford 2 PPV’s a month. I miss Chuck, Matt, BJ, and yes Tito. Back when it was an event to get all your buddies together and watch the fights.

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