Jon Jones: War Gods Made Silva Pay For Disrespect

The first way to spoil a UFC super-fight appears to be just mention it. Although the possibility for Jon Jones and Anderson Silva to one day meet inside the Octagon still exists, it took a step backwards Saturday night at UFC 162 when Chris Weidman spoiled the party and knocked Silva out cold.

Some feel Silva threw the fight, other feel he got too confident and dropped his guard, allowing his opponent to capitalize. Jon Jones on the other hand, feels Silva “disrespected his gift” and paid the price for it.

Jones was asked about Silva’s loss earlier today during the UFC 165 press conference, here’s what he had to say:

“I think Anderson Silva is a magnificent fighter. I think that he has an extraordinary gift. I think he’s gotten to the point where he really believes in his gift and he’s comfortable with his gift. He abused his gift, disrespected his gift, by disrespecting his opponent. Martial arts is a sport that is traditionally based around honor and integrity. You treat people with respect. He somehow lost sight of that and paid the ultimate price for it. I’m not over the Anderson Silva hype train. He was fighting at a masterful level, he just got disrespectful and the War Gods made him pay for it. He’s still great in my book.”


  1. Don’t mess with the war gods or they’ll knock you the f**k out! Oh wait that was Chris Weidman that did that.

  2. Although he did thank god after the fight so maybe bones jones is on to something.

  3. His soooo cheesey

  4. Pretty sure it was a left fist from a determined and pissed off Chris Weidman.

  5. Says the guys that disrespects his opponents just the same a Silva does.

  6. That’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. just fight bones.. Your philosophy is fucking crap.

  7. Jones is just as cocky not sure why he said this.

  8. But the DUI gods don’t give a shite!

  9. Mas puto!

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