Alistair Overeem Still Wants UFC Heavyweight Title

Alistair Overeem came into the UFC with a lot of hype behind him and when he stopped Brock Lesnar is his tracks, many felt he was on his way to the UFC Heavyweight Title. Until he failed a drug test.

When he returned in December following his suspension to face Antonio Silva, his confidence may have played a part in getting knocked out in the 3rd round by the big Brazilian and now with a match up scheduled for August 17th and Travis Browne, Overeem is looking to get back on the road to the title:

“Yes absolutely (this is a fresh start),” Overeem told Bleacher Report. “I believe that both Browne and myself are top ranked fighters and the winner of this fight will be one step closer in getting a title shot, so in that sense I know this fight can put me right on track as I still have one goal in life and that’s becoming the UFC heavyweight champion.

“I know there are more fighters going after that number one spot but with the nature of the sport anything can happen. So my main focus is my next fight and afterwards we will see who or when I will be fighting next.”


  1. I believe he can get it, just gotta start respecting his opponents

  2. Well I would hope he didn’t give up after one loss. lol

  3. Agree with Joe, he has the skill. Now show it.

  4. definitely has the skill…just think as long as cain is champ , it will be difficult

  5. I still want to be a millionaire also. Neither have a very good chance of happening, though.

  6. cain wont be able to manhandle him like he did JDS….. i can see the ubereem winning…. but it will be ver hard

  7. Warriors says:

    Suck one!!!

  8. ufcpolitics says:

    I believe overeem will come out stronger this time but Browne will be doing the same.

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