Dana White: Chael Sonnen Can’t Coach TUF: Brazil, He Wouldn’t Make It Out

A future bout between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva is in the works but don’t expect to see them coaching on the next season of TUF: Brazil. During a press conference in Brazil earlier today, UFC President Dana White was asked about a potential match up with the two as coaches on the show, the president was quick to shoot the idea down:

“People keep asking me if they’re going to be the coaches (for TUF Brazil 3),” said White in Brazil on a UFC World Tour stop in Rio de Janeiro on Monday. “I can’t have a Brazilian within 10 feet of Chael Sonnen in America Imagine bringing Chael Sonnen here for six weeks. I don’t think he’d make it.”

“I mean there’s situations in the United States where that we had an event where a Brazilian fan started swinging at Chael Sonnen trying to hit him. Then we did the Fan Expo, and a Brazilian tried to swing at him at that. Wanderlei’s name is ‘The Axe Murderer’ and he is a very proud Brazilian and he doesn’t like Chael Sonnen and the thing doesn’t surprise me one bit.”

“I don’t have to tell you guys, I stood here what was it a year and a half ago with Anderson sitting here, and Chael sitting here saying horrible things about this country and about the people and about him. Brazilians do not like Chael Sonnen.”


  1. DUCK!!!

  2. se o poem o sonnen de treinador no brasil ele não volta embora vivo #SÓACHO nos desrespeitou muito e não é bem vindo aqui!!!!

  3. morra SONNEN

  4. This means they will be coaches!

  5. Chael would go to brazil and beat everybody up , while eating a steak medium-rare

  6. Poor sonnen he’s actually a good guy, well unless you’re a brazilian

  7. Let these guys go at it, and see whos the best…my entire bets on wanderlei when it happens. i hope hes still that well balanced warrior of old…

  8. Bet he would! He ain’t scared and he appoligised to Brazil after Anderson Silvan beat him

  9. hahaha

  10. Verdade…

  11. fighters would protest to not be on his team

  12. everyones scared of him that’s all

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