Frankie Edgar Feels One More Loss Retires BJ Penn

Earlier this week Frankie Edgar was a guest on UFC Tonight and discussed his rivalry with BJ Penn. The two have fought twice with Edgar walking away the victor both times.

The two will fight again at the conclusion of the 19th season of The Ultimate Fighter after they oppose each other as coaches during the season.

Edgar gave his thoughts on having Penn’s number during the UFC Tonight broadcast:

“I do think I have his number,” said Edgar. “Every fight is different. I’m going to approach this as a new challenge. I’m not thinking he’s going to come in the same as he did the last two. I expect him to come in and change a little. I want to show my improvement over the last three years. I think he was kind of close to retirement and I think another loss will maybe decide it for him.”


  1. It shouldn’t take another loss for BJ to retire at this point.

  2. Ufa Frankie

  3. Hola Frankie Edgar

  4. Hopefully for good this time.

  5. Im betting it all on bj. the prodigy of old is gonna resurface and surprise alot of people..

  6. Anyone else thing BJ is going to miss weight?

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