Wanderlei Silva Comments On Confrontation With Chael Sonnen

During the Olympia expo in Las Vegas this weekend, a confrontation occurred between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen. Silva commented on the sharing of words via a video release on his Youtube account:

“You messed with the wrong guy,” said Wanderlei Silva, twice. “Now your time will come. I will get you. The moment I get inside that Octagon with you, you will see what I am going to do to you.”

“You are fearful. You are afraid of me. And I will beat you up. I wanted to beat you up today. But I’m a professional and I don’t fight on the street.

“Real men talk face to face. With me the talk is straight up. I will punch you face, it will happen soon. I didn’t smash you today because I’m a professional, and professionals keep it out of the streets.

“Everything you said about me will have a payback. I will give this as a gift for my people. The beating I will give you will be a gift to the people. I will beat you in front of everyone who you’ve said bad things about.

“You will see what will happen, you coward. I saw the fear in your eyes today. I heard the fear in your voice when you started talking with that thin voice like a girl. You were shaking in fear. You loser.

“I didn’t punch your face today only because I didn’t want to. But when we step into the Octagon… I will not pity you. I will beat you up. I will hurt you, you fearful loser.

“You are full of fear. And today I saw the fear in your eyes.

“Your days are numbered.”


  1. So friggin staged, It’s Wanderlai doing a Sonnen. Still want to watch anyway.

  2. Time to retire wand.

  3. Iván Romero le Chavito

  4. Chell is gonna get schooled

  5. Shogun Rua had more of a chance to beat Chael than Wanderlei, and he didn’t last a round. Wanderlei is washed up and a pussy, he is constantly saying he wants to fight but then backs out. Then he goes and gets a video camera and does a little acting thing so that he can seem like he’s a tough guy. He says he is a professional and wants to fight Chael in the cage but has turned down 3 oppurtunities to do so. Actions speak louder than words and little video skits. Wanderlei, your career is over, go home.

  6. Wanderlei silva all the way…

  7. Wandergay silva.

  8. hahaha! Wanderlei has just taken the USA vs Brazil rivalry to Jihad status. If he loses Brazilians won’t be able to get out of bed for a week! I didn’t see fear i see surprise personally and I am Brit, completely unbiased apart from I live in the States and get Chael’s wind up talk. If it makes it out the first round, Chael is the favorite.

  9. They need to do TUF Sonnen v Silva. I’d watch every episode.

  10. ^no shit. That’d be a great season. Would watch every episode.

  11. Silva will beat sonnen. It’s weird to say, but sonnen would beat silva 7 out of 10 times. But the time everyone gets to see, is one where silva wins. Smh. I just have a gut feeling that silva is going to destroy sonnen.

  12. Its sad to see that MMA is being reduced to WWE status. A legend like Silva acting like this is embarrassing.

  13. Wandy has ducked him twice… And look at they tape after he beat shogun… Walks over to joe silva and asks for wandy…. Silva is full of shit. Dana white already confirmed in a interview that wandy was offered fight twice.

  14. Silva!!! Even though Sonnen will grab n hold the whole fight, Silva will go to war… Hope this happens

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