Frank Mir Would Likely Retire If Released By The UFC

Frank Mir will face Alistair Overeem at UFC 169 on Superbowl Weekend in what could be a loser leaves town match up and according to Mir, although he doesn’t want to retire, if released by the UFC he would likely find himself on the road to retirement.

He told Ariel Helwani about it this week on The MMA Hour:

“As far as the UFC wanted to release us, I’ve heard the same thing that Dana said absolutely, I find it hard to believe that they’re going to let Alistair to be picked up by another organization,” said Mir. “I still think he could sell a ton of tickets. Myself? I keep my opinion to myself on me. I guess I would have to see what I’m selling afterwards.”

“Obviously I have no real desire to fight for another organization, so if I were to be let go that would be a huge step in the form of retirement,” said Mir.


  1. Aka go to bellator

  2. Bellator couldnt pay Frank enough. I dont see Dana lettin him go, anyways…

  3. Release him!!!

  4. I like mir but if he dont beat allstair on super bowl weekend I say its time to hang it up

  5. Frank is washed up and its going to be hard to beat overemphasized cause he’s going to come into form sooner or later.

  6. Release both of them their chins are done , just a money maker match for UFC

  7. Bellator’s new champ

  8. Shane Koehler

  9. Then he better win

  10. TRT MIR>Horsemeatless Reem

  11. its really a win win situation for the fans

  12. retire

  13. Jason Hritz says:

    I don’t think Mir can withstand Overeems power. Overeem gasses fast, but he’ll only need about 30 seconds to finish via KO/TKO.

  14. it seems he like to start fights with his opposition punching his face seemingly non stop.

  15. And do what with himself?

  16. You’ll like this what do you think?

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