Tito Ortiz Injured, Fight With Rampage Jackson Off

Bellator suffered a major blow yesterday just a week away from its first trip into the Pay-Per-View realm as it was announced that Tito Ortiz suffered a neck injury in training and will be unable to compete on the Nov. 2nd card. The search is on for a replacement opponent for Quinton Jackson but one has not been found at this time.

It is also likely that if the main event falls though, the event could be shifted from Pay-Per-View to Spike TV.

Stayed tuned.


  1. Haha, it looks like Jack Off

  2. Shouldn’t rely on the dinosaurs anyway. Build your own fighters up!

  3. be a borin fight anyway both should retire

  4. Tito remains undefeated in Bellator!!!

  5. Tito’s shit anyways …..fucking boring ass fighter just like gsp!

  6. Welcome to yesterday’s news.

  7. Hmmm. THAT’ weird :)

  8. I knew it some one will get injured

  9. Maybe they finally started to realize nobody wanted buy the ppv, then tito gets hurts??? Nice timing lol

  10. Hurt #

  11. Bellator is gonna tank, soon. Can’t keep paying B-level fighters near UFC money, and barely make enough at the gate to cover paying the fighters in the main event.

    I have a feeling that Bellator will be done within 24 months. Poor business decisions are catching up, quickly.

  12. Bring back the female division!

  13. This chump always pulls out of fights when he knows he’ll get that ass beat. He did the same shit with Chuck.

  14. No surprise. Tito always pulls out just ask Jenna.

  15. Bellator who???? UFC #1 sport in the world..

  16. Tito always have an excuse

  17. THANK YOU!!!

  18. what? Tito dropped a fight? lol what els is new

  19. I’d fake an injury too, if I had to fight rampage.

  20. Cool, now you can watch the whole event minus the grandpa fight for free on Spike!

  21. Jose Medrano, UFC is not the sport. Mixed Martial Arts is. Way to sound smart…

  22. That is crazy but sorry to here that about tito

  23. Lol…of course..Tito always get hurt when its a fight he is going to lose

  24. I think tito has to be the #1 all time drop out fighter

  25. Jose Antonio Sotomayor BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  26. They only sold 1000 tickets to the event that is horrible I think if Dana white had just a all girl card he could sell more than a 1000 tickets. Bellator is officially dead

  27. What else is new…..

  28. Dana White has just won loads of money for betting on this to happen. Didn’t Dana say something like this would happen in a scrum #bangon

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