White: Some Brazilian Fans Seem To Be Turning On Anderson Silva

UFC President Dana White was in Brazil yesterday for a stop on the latest UFC media tour and discussed Anderson Silva’s standing in the country since he lost the UFC Middleweight Championship to Chris Weidman and was surprised by the way some fans have been reacting:

“I was kind of feeling for him coming into Brazil, he was getting a lot of criticism coming here,” said White. “This is his country. He’s been f—— fighting for this country forever. He goes out and he loses one fight, the way that it went down, and like everybody turns on you.

“In one fight? After all the things he’s done and all the things he’s accomplished?”

“I’m sure it’s tough to deal with, but he’s handled it like a champ. You don’t ever see Anderson Silva snap or flip out on people. I do, daily, but you don’t see him do it. He always composes himself like a champion and a good dude.”


  1. Fair weather fans. They are all over the world

  2. I am becoming a fan of Anderson Silva..I always rooted against him ever since he came in and destroyed all my fav fighters

  3. Anderson is a clown not a fighter , vitor belfort all the way thats a true fighter and the next middleweight champion hes going to murder AS dont wry his time will come

  4. Baha Vitor b. All the way, so u support a juicer? But not a martial artist like Silva? OK you’re the clown… Lol

  5. Lol anderson is not a fighter but vitor is a true fighter? You sound like the type of guy who wears alot of tapout to a sports bar on fight nights and call everyone your “bro”

  6. He still is one of the best and on top ,his loss was just a stepping stone to greatness………………. from a die hard fan

  7. Poor Vitor…I still see that damn kick that made me and HIM go cross eyed. Kick was so bad I need medical attention.

  8. You have no idea! Most people I know straight up disowned him after that fight. Hell, half of them thought he threw the fight…on the other hand I called him losing, which up until he actually did was considered blasphemy here in brazil.

  9. He is a great fighter, but even if you’re leagues better than someone, don’t try and make a fool of someone on national television. He said Weidman’s punch was lucky. It’s not luck, he was aiming punches at his head and knocked him out.

  10. Good!

  11. ufcpolitics says:

    Good lord people still drink from Andersons piss puddle.

  12. Great response and so true!

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