Dana White: GSP Owes Rematch To Fans, Company, And Hendricks

Following the UFC 167 main event, UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre announced that he needed to take some time away from the sport. Not pleased with this decision, UFC President Dana White trashed St. Pierre’s decision at the post fight press conference.

When asked about St. Pierre’s possible retirement, White offered the following:

“Did he say he wants to retire? He didn’t say, ‘I’m going to retire, I’m hanging it up, it’s been great everybody, thanks a lot for all the years, see you later.’ He said I’m going to take some time off. First of all, that decision that happens, you don’t just say, hey, I’m going to take a while off, maybe I’ll be back or maybe I won’t. You owe it to the fans, you owe it to that belt, you owe it to this company and you owe it to Johny Hendricks to give him that opportunity to fight again.”

What do you think? Should the long reigning Champion be entitled to his time away, or is Dana White right in his assessment?


  1. I watched the fight last night. Every time the broadcast out up the hits landed tally, GSP was ahead. I’m sure it looks like GSP should have lost based on how he looked, but this is not a beauty contest. It’s a scoring contest. It’s based upon scoring points from hits landed and take downs. It’s not based upon how much blood the person is leaking out of them.

    They being said, I think GSP should give Hendricks another shot at the title bc that is what champions do.

  2. It’s funny, and sad, to read people trash GSP when he wins. GSP is the best fighter in the world. He may not be the most flashy but he is the smartest , most athletic and most respectable fighter in the UFC. GSP is a living legend in the sport Dana has been able to spend untold millions of dollars for his fun because of the beatings GSP has taken and given. Dana is a greedy, inconsiderate employer. If he was in the corporate world outside of mma he would have his ass sued off with an attitude like that toward GSP. A champion is more than just punching. A champion is a champion in attitude, heart and performance. Hendricks has to pay his dues; he’s no champion even if he had the belt. It was hilarious to see him holding his hand high and then fall down when the decision was read. Pride comes before a fall little Johnny. Dana has been badgering GSP because he doesn’t finish fights. It would be awesome to see GSP give the greedy Dana and the wanna be, sloven bloggers what they want. It would be hilarious for him to say, “This is for all those who want me to finish a fight; I’m finished fighting”.

  3. GSP doesn’t owe you anything Dana. Yes, he’s made a lot of money from UFC over the years but you and the UFC have made a lot more off him. The guy left his heart in that cage and has been a true champion – truer than any other fighter, so give him a break Dana.

  4. Dana White’s an Ass!

  5. Believe it!

  6. Lol dana turns into a fucking omen when monies involved.

  7. Go to bellator fuck dana white

  8. Its shit like this that piss people off about Dana. If the guy has a problem in his personal life…..give him time off. He’ll come back.

  9. Fight was closer than everyones making it out to be! Tell me where in the rules damage is a factor? One min dana is saying damage is a factor but when gus whooped jones he didnt mention damage onces (inconsistent). Hendricks totally brought it to gsp, dont get me wrong but no way was it a robbery. 3,5 gsp 2, 4 hendricks and round 1 either way. Dont let rogan brainwash you.

  10. GSP owes fuck all

  11. wonder why he didn’t say this about jon jones after fighting gustafsson??????

  12. If GSP doesn’t he’s a B¡TcH !!!

  13. Fuck dana white. GSP doesnt owe anyone anything.

  14. Steve Blunt all im saying it wasnt a robbery. Very close. Could have gone either way.

  15. Rematch!

  16. I thought gsp won pretty convincingly.

  17. Hendricks lost move on if GSP is done 8 man tournament if not give him 6 months to get right an Hendricks can fight #2 or 3 for the next title fight

  18. Effective …. is the term so yes damage counts. I’m a gsp fan but he lost

  19. How do you go the distance with the Champ and expect to win. Rigg should have knocked him out or submitted him. As soon as it went to the judges i knew GSP won. He can do what ever he wants. Hes the champ. Hendricks is the chump. Danas trying to hype up a rematch for the money.

  20. And im not even a GSP fan!

  21. It wasn’t an absolute robbery, SP did land more shots. I do think Hendricks won in a close one- he landed the more effective shots.

  22. Dana that hairy jeet just jello cuz gsp retiring champ, he prolly scared gsp will show up on another mma show with the belt :P

  23. GSP doesn’t really owe anyone anything, the judges however owe the world an apology.

  24. Phoenix Mckay Dana just doesn’t want paper champions and GSP v. Hendricks 2 would be a HUGE money maker

  25. Here go the TUF1 MMA fans lol

  26. Hendricks got robbed. I wonder if the commission gave him any vasoline?

  27. Good post Andrew Burgess

  28. GSP owes as much ad Jones did.

  29. he definitely doesnt owe your company shit, you treat all your fighters like meat. fans is a diff story, tho he clearly won it was a close fight, im sure the fans would benefit off a rematch, but i dont want zuffa to benefit off shit. dana needs to go learn the rules of the sport he represents, cuz its clear he has nfi what the scoring system is, which plays a gigantic role in US mma.

  30. Dana white is a joke. GSP owes you NOTHING. Champ for 7 years and you treat him like that when he wants out. Showed your true Colours last night Dana and your a fraud.

  31. we all know gsp lost that fight if hes gonna go he needs to vacate the title

  32. We all don’t know that. Rounds 3 5 were GSP For sure Round 1 was a toss up and it went to the champ.

  33. PERIOD!!!

  34. STOP living in MMA dream world GSP is still the champion regardless of anything else

  35. But Dana would not guarantee GSP a automatic rematch if he loss…. something sounds fishy.

  36. GSP scared to rematch that dude. That’s why he said he wants to hang up the gloves for awhile. Johnny beat the shit out of him and left the fight without a mark on him. GSP looked like a truck hit him in the face.

  37. dana white is a fucking thief!, this fight was close when its this close gotta give it to the champion. what about the ass kicking jones got put on him because jones has sex w dana he dont owe gustafson a rematch, and that fight wasnt even close. fuck dana white and that fucking troll hendricks

  38. GSP should take the title to Bellator and drop it in the garbage on national television.

  39. Dana says he will never force anybody to fight. But as proven so many times you never leave it on the hands of the judges. GSP should be able go fight when he see’s fit and if he needs to take care of his personal life than he needs to take care of himself

  40. Dana White is a fkn scum bag douche all he cares about is his wallet…fuck u dana u goof GSP won rounds 1,3,5 watch the fight im so tired of all the idiot haters who know jack shit about fighting…or anything else. GSP dosnt owe anybody anything.

  41. GSP owes nothing.

  42. Commissioner should step in and withdraw the scandalous decision. It gave the MMA another black eye, not to mention all the folks who wasted their money watching it…

  43. Dana is the biggest piece of shot Ever. If GSP retires and Silva loses. I’m watch Belator.

  44. Dana’s trying to save UFC, cause everyone that knows anything about the sport saw GSP get his clock cleaned! Ridiculous…

  45. GSP owes nothing

  46. Dana’s trying to save Himself. He knows without GSP and Silva. UFC is no better then Belator.

  47. He doesn’t want his champs retiring with the belt. He wants them to lose so he can promote the guy who beat them as the next immortal

  48. Worst decision in mma history

  49. Dana he owes you nothing!

  50. Moron ^

  51. Kev

  52. Dana white defines being a poor leader

  53. He don’t own shit to anyone. GSP made this company, he is the best PPV buy in the entire UFC. Has the most wins in the octagon, most time in the octagon, most title defenses in the octagon. Honestly what else does he have to prove? I knew when he would win this fight their would still be stupid people out there. Face the fact he is the best ever period.

  54. How dose Hendrick earn a rematch but gufferson who batterd Jones dont? In all close fights the judges go with the champion

  55. Dana’s looking for more cashflo

  56. GSP owes you nothing! He made you a lot of money. Your biggest pay per view draw. You owe him some fucking respect! If the man has person issues you know nothing about, back up off him and give him whatever time he needs. If it is longer than a year, have an interim fight. If and when he chooses to come back, he can fight.

  57. Hendricks backpedaled rounds 3,4,5. He thought he had it in the bag when he drew a little blood and spend the rest of the fight ensuring he didn’t get knocked out…. Not a fight that screams champion, so I’m happy it remained with GSP. Standing in the ring bloody and stepping forward for 5 full rounds.

  58. He doesn’t owe anything to anyone. He has been a great champ.

  59. It was close!…. So he didn’t get rob!


  61. Next time you face Ricks please beat him as well as you can do it.don´t let any doubt you are the best. GSP ´s mexican fan.

  62. GSP owes his fans a finish.

  63. Dana is a dick…he knows when GSP retires it’s the UFC that loses countless millions.

    The challenger must clearly beat the champ to become the champ and this was a true split decision in every sense of the word. Anyone thinking differently needs to cough up Johnny’s scrotum immediately before it becomes a choking hazard.

  64. Gsp doesn’t owe anyone anything judges messed up not gsp

  65. Dana White sure has a selective memory, has he forgotten that for 10 odd years GSP has been a great fighter, champion, entertainer and role model for the UFC he always conducted himself with class and respect. He does not owe anyone anything! Besides Its not GSP’s fault if two of the judges got it wrong, Dana White should remind himself of that. GSP has earned the right to decide for himself if or when he wants to call it a day.

  66. I’m not sure if Georges owes a rematch, but UFC owes Winnipeg another card due to 2 main events getting cancelled when they were in town

  67. He doesn’t owe anybody anything !!!!
    He’s done enough for the organization the fans and the sport ….. Gsp !!!!!

  68. So because GSPs face was beat up just like it was against nick Diaz does that mean he didn’t really win all 5 rds in that fight..does that mean Diaz should be champ ? Hendricks should’ve stepped it up in the most important round of a close fight..he acted as if he had it in the bag and he’s the challenger , stop crying and fight for 25 mins..GSP wanted it more in that 5th round end of story..

  69. After all GSP has done for the UFC and the fans he can do whatever the hell he wants to do. I think it’s past time for Dana White to shut the fuck up. Seriously, he’s the face (mouth) of a billion dollar corporation and he acts like a freaking school child who dropped his cookie in the dirt. Jackass.

  70. He doesn’t owe anyone shit!!!

  71. Dana white needs to shut his mouth, stop whining about the officials and judges and try to be a proffessional. I dont think that screaming like a child and swearing like a trucker is a very good face for the UFC. He shouldnt have fights in vegas anyway. The crowds in vegas boo way too much. Its like they know nothing about the sport.

  72. Watching the post-fight press conference, I couldn’t help but think of Don King, minus the hair…

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