Dana White To Jon Jones: You’re Not A Matchmaker

After it was announced that with a win in his next bout, Alexander Gustafsson would earn another shot at Jon Jones UFC Light Heavyweight Title, Jones took issue with the match making when he spoke with Ariel Helwani last week:

“Really? You want [Gustafsson] to have the rematch that bad?” Jones told Ariel Helwani, as transcribed by MMAFighting. “No disrespect to Nogueira, but lets see Gustafsson vs. Cormier. It makes so much sense. If me, Cormier, Gustafsson and Teixeira are the toughest four guys in the division, lets put us in a little a round robin pool and see who’s the toughest of us four. Why throw Lil Nog into the picture?”

Despite Jones’ issue with the possibility he may have to fight Gustafsson sooner rather than later, UFC President Dana White had a message for the champ:

“Jon, I love you, you’re not a matchmaker,” said White. “Fight your fight, he’ll fight his fight, and don’t worry about it. When you talk like that it makes it sound like you’re worried about it.”

Should Jones be worried?


  1. Jones should move up and fight Cain, and cormier gets the winner. Forget Gustafson.

  2. I love how Jones never wants to fight the opponents a second time that straighttt ROCK him. Example would be Machida, and Gustaffson

  3. Jones IS scared

  4. Jones has a point though. It doesn’t sound like fear it sounds like a fighter that knows how to keep the fans engaged.

  5. lol drama central posting Dana Whites comment all over the place lmao!!! Now that’s entertainment!

  6. Jones knows he lost the fight with Gustafson so he is worry. We know Jones is not a match makes but neither is Joe Silva LOL. Dana still calls who fight who. Too many fighters out there deserve a title shot at different weight classes but still waiting for Dana to give them the opportunity.

  7. Yep hes scared to fight Gustafson again! He lost 1st match.

  8. Neither are u Dana. U say its on TV but no one in the USA can get get the fights last night

  9. Jones is worried. He should be.

  10. Haha tell em Dana. He does not get to pick and choose his opponents. Jon Jones can always opt out of the fight, thats how he rolls.

  11. Jones is right, he never said he didn’t want to fight him he just said take the top 4 guys and have a tournament. What’s wrong with that?

  12. 1st he said no to rematch, then publicly said UFC is protecting Gustafson, now hes saying he ought to fight Cormier.

  13. Jones is scared

  14. The problem with what you wrote is that Cormier will never fight Cain. Personally, I’d like to see Cormier fight Teixeira and the winner gets Gustafsson. The winner of this gets Jones.

  15. I really don’t see any fear. There are other fights to be made fresh new fights why run to a rematch when we as fans can see different fighters I’ve seen Jones v. Gustafson I don’t need to see it again anytime soon

  16. Chuck record book says Jones won period.

  17. Gustafson deserves a rematch? He lost get back in line and work for it. Or do we go the sonnen route? 3 title fights no title wins. BORING!!!

  18. Glover will fuk him up I promise

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