GSP: Forget The Rumors, I’m Happy And On Vacation

GSP via his Facebook account:

Johny and I gave you the Fight of the Night on Saturday- hope you enjoyed it! Forget all the rumors, I’m on vacation, happy & well!!!



  1. picture from last year because his face is crushed at the moment.

  2. He still lost regardless of the judge’s call. He got pummeled.

  3. Too bad GSP doesn’t post on his own accounts and has publicist take care of his personal image for him

  4. He needs to man up n give hendricks a rematch…..

  5. Wat rumors dumb ass u lost they ain’t rumors. Hopefully Dana kiks ur ass out for good for being a clown


  7. What’s more pathetic is he lost the fight, and he don’t remember the fight. And then he wants to say he’s retiring. Rematch sounds about right to me Angel Hubz Lara. Personal business my ass!!

  8. Its funny people keep saying he lost. Thats like saying “the score didnt reflect the football game” He won by decision. Dont want to be screwed on a decision. Finish the fight and dont give judges that chance. But cant dog him. Dog the judges or the gaming comission for their jacked up system.

  9. He didnt even remember the fight… he said it him self….. hendricks got cheated out of his belt…

  10. oh my god! Read the comments after he posted this! People are ridiculous haters who need to get LIVES.

  11. people need to STFU..He will rematch when the UFC says so. no need to be bitching about it.

  12. This is an old photo. He still looks like JDS did right now. This is obviously not true. I swear GSP is the new rumor mill for MMA FB sites now, it’s fucking annoying.

  13. The funny part is yall all say he lost when he outlanded hendricks 101-85 on significant strikes had more takedowns and submission attempts……all of which score points in his favor…..but he lost??

  14. Gsp was the winner. Great fight ………..

  15. This ain’t boxing clown

  16. His face was hamburger meat

  17. Lol even Dana White you know the guy who owns UFC, said ” he took a beating, Hendricks won that fight tonight, he was screwed out of a belt, he won the fight.”

  18. Not many intelligent people commenting on this post.. you need to get over it. He dint score his own fight idiots. You know nothing of this sport, yet you always complain. Go jump rope for an hour an think about it. If he feels like retiring, he is allowed. He as nothing else to prove. Your not in his shoes nor will you ever be.

  19. Nobody cares what gsp is doing!

  20. The champ is here!!

  21. All dana white does is own the UFC, he is the biggest joke about the UFC, always his face post game conference pre game, post fight interviews hes always there… He is far from a role model,
    And farrrrrr from a
    Good owner

  22. Fact remains GSP is still champ

    and to all those that argue… watch the 1st round again… watch very closely…. and watch the moment that GSP hooks on guilotine choke and they roll over… now watch closely… watch hendricks’ hand… NOW… did hendricks really win that fight because if you watched it you would have seen hendricks TAP OUT! Thats right, he tapped, it was a quick tap, but regardless a tap out… sure he slipped out a second later but it is irrelevant…

    GSP still the champ

  23. To be the champ u got to beat the champ ! Not by decision!

  24. Come back to the UFC an lose already so you can retire the proper way.. an not have hendricks’s belt.

  25. I’m not going to forget the rumors. You got a chick pregnant dude! Step up and be a real man! :P

  26. I can’t believe all the people who are hating on GSP right now. You are all stupid and ignorant. GSP won and that’s the bottom line. Everyone knows that u gotta beat the champ to get the belt and clearly Hendricks didn’t. GSP #1, F*ck all the haters!

  27. Gsp won don’t blame the judges blame the 10 point must system…if there were half points without a shadow of a doubt Hendricks would have won…

  28. if he had more significant strikes wheres the proof on hendricks? fights can be bought, this is proof, and the most outrageous deccisions are always in Nevada, this one and the Rua vs Machida, do we need more proof than that? so william just cause they say he landed more significant shots dont mean shit if you cant even give a guy a fat lip, hes a joke champion till he gives Hendricks his well deserved rematch.

  29. Ken what organization do you currently fight for?

  30. usuck

  31. Man really just drop it already Hendricks is not champion and there is no one that can do anything about it do you think coming on here arguing about it makes a difference just a bunch of know it alls right well just shut up already cuz its annoying GSP has held the belt for over 6 years is there any one of you posting on here that has been through it or lived it I don’t think so so until you have been through what the guy has been through then who are you to judge him so really its pointless for anyone to argue about it Hendricks is the only one to blame he should have finished the fight and not stalled he failed to do everything he said he was going to do and GSP followed through and kept the belt like he said and I didn’t know that they scored the fight on who was more ugly at the end of the fight now GSP was scoring just like Hendricks was so blame Hendricks for being to weak to go 100% and stop hating on GSP he has been a great champion and he has reigned supreme no matter what you guys say

  32. Ken ur a fucking idiot. Forrest didnt inflict much damage to rampage but still got decision on leg kicks and combos. Pillow fists or not georges won based on the way fights are scored. Hendricks lost. Also look at any of edgars last 3 losses all of which can be argued he won . Damage shown on face means nothing. You dont get points for hitting hard

  33. Adrian Holloman says:

    So I take it you didn’t see johnny tap out either

  34. Adrian Holloman says:

    People are ridiculous, this man has beaten everybody for years arguably the best fighter in the history of mma. 1 bad fight and everybody has something crazy to say. Other than the fact the ref missed the hendricks tap out in that guillotine choke, hendricks is a good fighter but if he gets his ass whipped in the rematch what will you say then?

  35. #gaycruise Fred Jr Starno

  36. Part of the scoring criteria is octagon aggression. During the entire fight, it was GSP who dicated where the fight went. I’ll admit that he couldn’t hurt Hendricks, but nobody has been able to. He’s a tough SOB. But GSP is the one that initiated the striking exchanges, initiated the wrestling, and initiated everhthing else. Hendricks was lucky enough to catch GSP twice with hard hands, but GSP was able to land a couple of head kicks and nice right crosses. So Hendricks punches harder than GSP. It doesn’t matter. The fact is that GSP was the one initiating the offense and controlling the pace. Hendricks rocked GSP once and wound up on top once when GSP slipped. GSP worked the jab and striking the entire time. Although he wasn’t able to do much with it, he dictated the grappling. He scored the points, and he won. End of story.

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