Jon Jones Interested In Superfight Against Cain Velasquez

Everyone loves super-fight talk right?

That’s exactly what Jon Jones discussed during a recent UFC Q&A session with fans as he dropped news that he plans to move to the heavyweight division within the next two years:

“I think that’s going to happen within the next two years – I’ll go up to heavyweight, permanently,” said Jones as transcribed by B/R. “But I am looking to take a superfight sooner or later, within the next year. So, yeah I’m excited for it. I’ve been really thinking about me and Cain Velasquez going at it. It would be huge for the sport. He’s definitely the toughest guy in that division, and he’s not that big, so I think it would a really entertaining fight. Don’t be surprised if you see that sooner or later.”

Is this a fight that interests you?


  1. easy win for cain

  2. Cain would literally murder Jones.

  3. I don’t think it’ll be as lop sided as y’all think

  4. Cain would kill him

  5. Gus put a pretty good beating on him imagine what Cain would do, did he not see what Cain did to jds?

  6. why is he ducking glover if he thinks he can beat a heavyweight champ?

  7. jones would put up a hell of a fight with cain.

  8. phssssst

  9. it would be nice but he needs to worry about Texiera and Gustafson first

  10. I’m going with the multi-dimensional fighter that has not been knocked out before …

  11. jason kincaid says:

    if jones can use his reach to keep cain away he has a chance. remember cain doesnt have the chin that jones has. most of you dont know shit apparently about fighting. cain got knocked out by jds. jone took some big shots against the mauler and was still standing and i hate jones but know it wld be better fight then what u fucks think it would.

  12. I think JDS is an awesome fighter and cain beat the shit out of him jones doesn’t have a chance

  13. bones will be destroyed. terrible matchup, and im a big jones fan. jones spoke previously about how cain wouldn’t just lay back and play around with him, and would take the fight right into his face. and thats how i see it, dirty boxing and being mushed against the cage, and cain would smoke him. howabout the ufc just creat a 206-235 weight class and then we can have an exciting new weight class for these fighters instead of adding 125/135 etc

  14. Cain baby.. Norther Cali fighter.. Mexican pride boiiii..

  15. Cains going to flatten him lol

  16. Jones doesnt stand a chance against cain

  17. jones should fight in heavyweight div. but he wont he would get his head taken off

  18. lol you idiots, jones has a solid jaw the guy is 100% nigga, cain would probably out wrestle this guy and tko him or something but if jones took maybe a year or 2 off he can create the solid muscle and get a good technique, the guy can easily be a heavyweight fighter

  19. I like the match up, mainly to see Jones challenged and possibly KO’d. Thing is he still has a few guys in his division that he should worry about, mainly Gustafson. Anybody saying he’s ducking Teixiera is wrong, Gustafson earned his spot and should get another crack at Jones before Teixiera. I do think Jones would more than hold his own in the heavyweight division, but Cain is at another level. I love the fact that’s he’s willing to go up a division, most fighters go down a division. I wish more fighters would step up in divisions, especially the big weight cutters.

  20. ya, this is dumb. Its like the GSP v. Anderson Silva rumors…GSP is much smaller and not as strong at Anderson, just the same as Jones is much smaller and not even close to as strong as Cain. Cain would just smother him

  21. Cain will beat jones for sure

  22. lol, he’s running from Gustafsson and Texeria and thinks he can beat Velasquez? Can’t wait to see this egotistical douche get knocked the fuck out.

  23. Cain woukd ko him with ease.

  24. Wow ur crazy for even thinking its going to happen.

  25. Velasquez would have the coward for dinner…. fuck Jones

  26. oh man this guy is really confident, thinking about fighting against Cain Velasquez” are you kidding me!!!
    first please ask for a chance against the clown Silva” I’ll be so happy watching the fight….

  27. oh man this guy is really confident, thinking about fighting against Cain Velasquez” are you kidding me!!!
    first please ask for a chance against the clown Silva” I’ll be so happy watching the fight…

  28. Ducking Glover? Jones asked for that fight you weekend warrior. I don’t think Jones has a chance against Cain at the moment, buf he can be the future GOAT at heavyweight. Yeah, you read that right!

  29. This would be great

  30. One hell of a fight….Bring that fight to Houston,Tx!!!….

  31. Scared of Texiera…damn sure don’t want any part of Cain…velasquez would be a retirement fight for ole Bones

  32. Cain by tko. He is bigger and has better wrestling. He made Brock leaner look like a rag doll in wrestling for gods sake

  33. James Conboy

  34. Never. Going. To. Happen.

  35. Jones would get hammered for 5 rd’s as did JDS, and then NSAC’S inept judges would award Jones the split-decision victory ala (GSP v Hendricks) Cain Velasquez would win this fight all day, ever day!

  36. Jones would get wrecked, period.

  37. Cain would destroy Jones.

  38. im tired of his brown pride bullshit its time for a real champion

  39. Wow we just saw him against one guy his size, and he shouldn’t have won that fight, couldn’t even make it out of the ring on his own. Rousey, another ducker, even said she would make Cain tap out. Even Junior was very confident going into that third fight, but then you could see him not so confident when he was in the ring before the fight started. A lot of people are interested in fighting Cain for some reason, until the night of the fight

  40. Why do you guys say he’s running away from Gustafsson and Texeria and then he just challenge the toughest guy on the planet lol it took a lot of hart to pull his last fight and got my respect .. I say he cleans out Texeria and proves he cleaned out the light HW division and gets that super fight next summer

  41. Wtf? He will surely sleep his ass on octagon

  42. Dont forget u gotta go through cains homie DC

  43. Cain will destroy danas golden boy

  44. Valequez Vs Jones would be an intriguing matchup in the Heavyweight Division. The size and reach advantage will go to Jones. Both have incredible Cardio although the advantage will go to Cain whose Cardio can be described best as superhuman. Both have a wrestling background but again I would Cain the advantage. The successor of this fight will be down to implementation of a effective game plan. Cain will struggle with Jones reach and striking, which is improving on a daily basis. However Jones will have to survive the storm Cain brings in all rounds and throughout. Cain has great boxing against the cage and both have vicious ground and pound. This is a very even matchup with two of the most technical elite fighters within the UFC. They both have the same strengths, which are well rounded martial artists with no real weakness. I would watch this fight with a great deal of interest and only one can be crowned the best mixed martial artist in the world. Jon Jones as a fan of MMA we welcome and embrace your move to the Heavyweight Division.

  45. He’s faster than cain but Cain is way too strong knockout first round

  46. It’ll be nice to watch!

  47. Caine will beat the bones out of Jones!

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