Report: Unplanned Pregnancy, Fathers Illness Have GSP Shook

According to a new report from Hollywood gossip site, the reason behind Georges St. Pierre’s desire to step away from the Octagon is due to an unplanned pregnancy and the health of his father.

“I’m going crazy. I have issues, man. I need to relax. I need to get out for a while. I don’t know what I’m going to do.” St. Pierre said during the UFC 167 press conference.

In the TMZ report, a source close to the situation is cited as saying that the welterweight champion does not want to have a baby with the woman but she insists on having it. His father is also dying.

No official statement on the matter has been released from the St. Pierre camp so stay tuned as more details on this come to the forefront.


  1. bullshit hes tryin to avoid another ass whipping

  2. Uh no, he really is going through this.

  3. I think he will get it all sorted and come back better.

  4. Dang

  5. I thought he was gay?

  6. I guess GSP can finish … And he wishes that it was down to a decision now

  7. So let me get this straight, “no official news from the St. Pierre camp” but we’re gonna go ahead and gossip monger like mother f&%$ers anyway?

  8. I just read where his sister said it was FALSE about they’re Father….?

  9. GS-P his pants!

  10. you mean this guy actually finished something?

  11. It’s called living in the real world. If he takes time off and isn’t injured he should be stripped. He should have lost the belt anyway.

  12. More likely cause is his Sandy Vajajay

  13. It’s TMZ, for fuck’s sake. GSP’s family is denying rumors that GSP’s father is sick.

  14. I’m gonna believe TMZ just like everyone else in the world does!!!


  15. Aaron

  16. I thought he was gay. He never seemed to show interest in women. I at least thought he was asexual.

  17. Callie Taylor

  18. let’s see how fast the media fucks this up…

  19. If he didn’t want to be a father then he shouldn’t be sleeping around. Loser! Poor excuse!

  20. i call bullshit on this, anyone else?

  21. GSP got his sister pregnant, that’s gross

  22. Ah yes racism from a guy who has never been inside a cage or rolled. Love the self proclaimed hard asses this sport seems to attract. Its a shame. Genocide should b legal for morons

  23. This doesn’t change the fact that Hendricks won and GSP lost, we all know that, too bad the judges were paid off. If I were Hendricks I would egg GSP on and on.

  24. Hmmmm.. I thought it was HENDRICKS’ left hand that had GSP shook…

  25. Dumb racist pricks at its finest people. Behold.

  26. Fucking retards like Bobby Stuby are exactly why mma fans have a shitty reputation. Id love to see his parents mortgage rates for the basement in the house that he lives in for free. This is truly depressing and very blatant example of why genocide needs to b legalized

  27. Bored of hearing this already. Let the guy make the decision to retire before his body makes it for him.
    Four man tournament style for the title. Condit, Hendrix, lawler and get Diaz back as number 4. Epic viewing

  28. Have to agree but hendricks needs to b seeded number one. Id like to see lawler and hendricks

  29. No its the aliens

  30. “So GSP can finish.” Best one liner response to this article ever!

  31. I wonder if the chick realizes that fighters, though well paid, often dont have long careers and arent making millions like boxers lol

  32. Everyone deals with things differently. I know the GSP in the ring wasn’t the same GSP who out boxed Diaz. Something has him rattled, let him deal with it and come back stronger than before. Dana White sees a big PPV event on the horizon and needs GSP more than he needs the UFC. Let him deal with whatever he has to deal with and let him come back when he’s ready, if ever. Hendricks is the new STAR of the welterweight, let him and Lawler go at it for the interim belt.

  33. Extremely well put

  34. GSP is the UFC’s most valuable asset. It’s a real shame those lizard licking TMZ scumbags have proven it.

  35. these fight pages are juss as bad as TMZ

  36. TMZ reports ….. I stopped reading right there.

  37. Immediately after the press conference, White and UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta cornered St-Pierre to try to convince him to return to the cage. Fighters are just bags of meat to promoters in combat sports, but St-Pierre is White’s lone remaining drawing card. That makes him a particularly important meatbag for the UFC. Something had to be done.

    “GSP will not retire after that fight,” a defiant White told Fox Sports 1. “He owes it to the fans, he owes it to this company and he owes it Johny Hendricks to do that fight again.”

    Should Dana White pressure St-Pierre to return to the cage?
    GSP clearly needs some time off.
    Fighters need to fight. GSP needs to suck it up.
    It’s Dana’s job to make sure St-Pierre fights.
    Total votes: 16,752
    A decent human being would be worried about St-Pierre’s well-being, especially after a fight that left him clearly discombobulated. But it seemed like that was the farthest thing from White’s mind. No one at the press conference, except St-Pierre himself, seemed concerned about the gruesome beating he had just experienced or its physical and emotional costs.

    There was only one question everyone wanted answered: How soon could they lure the reluctant champion back into the cage?

    “His problems aren’t as bad as he thinks they are,” White told the press after his brief chat with the champ. “They’re personal problems…it might seem like the end of the world but it’s not.”

    It seemed—right or wrong—that White had gotten his man. Order was restored in his fiefdom. St-Pierre is likely to come back to the cage, whether it’s the right thing for him or not.

    I’d hate to think that St-Pierre is fighting for fans or the promotion or anything other than himself and his family. He has a long life to lead after his fighting days are done. To give up even a little bit of his long-term physical and mental well-being is a decision no one should take lightly. And it’s certainly not a choice that should be made under duress.

    The Octagon is the last place in the world for a man with problems big enough to cost him even a little bit of focus. St-Pierre clearly doesn’t belong anywhere near the cage right now. But we’ll see him soon enough. There’s money to be made. And in the world of combat sports, that’s going to trump safety and decency every time.

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