St. Pierre’s Sister: My Father Is Fine

Things in the Georges St. Pierre rumor mill are starting to heat up. After TMZ reported earlier today that the welterweight champ wanted to step away from the sport due to an unplanned pregnancy and the health of his father, St. Pierre’s sister Myriam, has came out to state the rumors about her father are false.

Speaking with La Presse, St. Pierre stated

“My father is going very well! We get lots of calls and this rumor has to stop. It makes us pain. ”

“My father keeps my children. He did not keep it was about to die, ”

“I do not know where this rumor came from, but this is wrong,” she said.

So that puts that rumor to bed, Myriam would not go so far as to say the unplanned pregnancy rumor was false though.

More as it develops.


  1. Good to hear. Now lets hope the baby thing is false too and maybe we will see either an official retirement statement or a hendricks rematch.

  2. Just let the guy live ! Hes a bonafide champion and earned everyones respect multiple times! no matter what happens is the man

  3. TMZ is the most terrible garbage on the planet.

  4. TMZ and their bs….i hope the chick thing is false too. bitches be wanting money anyway.

  5. It makes sense gsp robbed hendrix and this chick is taking gsp’s money if the chick keeps it gsp ows child support for 18 years haha

  6. Forfeit the belt

  7. If he has personal problems it’s not really our business. Let the dude take care of his shit. That said I hope Hendricks gets a rematch because I thought he won that fight.

  8. Do they have the same father?

  9. This is really messed up. Leave the man and his family alone. Have some damn respect.

  10. Hendricks tap 3 times in the 1st rd and he couldnt knock gsp out anyway dont such a baby,eat that shit period

  11. He didn’t tap georges or the mat. His hand waved a little not tap. Besides georges is taking time off because of the aliens.

  12. has anyone confirmed they share the same father,haha

  13. Yes, they DO have/share the same father… But their mothers are sisters… And it’s his sister/cousin who is pregnant with his unborn child… So I’m sure you can understand why GSP seems a little upset.

  14. No one! And I mean no one taps after a choke was let go! Get real… Train Jiu Jitsu, and you’ll understand the difference in tapping and using your hands .

  15. Dana should resign, and the Fertittas should sell UFC. Knees on the ground should be legalized, and Testosterone and GH (growth hormone) use should be monitored, but legalized.
    bring pride rules back

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