Chris Weidman: I’m Never Going To Get Respect From Doubters

Following his second straight win over Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman spoke to Ariel Helwani about whether or not he feels he will now get respect from those who doubted his first win. Despite two impressive performances, Weidman feels he won’t get the respect from his doubters but isn’t really bothered by that. He explained why:

“Well first of all, your always going to have doubters out there. So it’s one of those things where if that’s your motivation to proved doubters wrong, it’s an uphill battle. You’re never really gonna do it. For the people that are supporting me, I appreciate it, and I’m going to keep try to prove them right.”

You can see more of the interview in the video below:


  1. sad but true..

  2. Too many Silva nuthuggers that will cling to excuses… Should he beat VitorTRT and Machida there is no argument

  3. They (Silva fans) are just sore losers that can’t get over it.

  4. Congrats To Chris. He Is Def Gonna Have His Hands Full With Belfort.

  5. As soon as he gets a legitimate win against a good opponent…

  6. This was not a fight. Belfort will avenge his country man. Weidman is not keeping that title.

  7. It’s all good, because anyone who is familiar with striking knows that what happened to Silva was not an accident. It was a highly skilled counter by a highly skilled striker. So again he beat Silva where he was supposed to be better, with striking. Good job Chris.

  8. Weidman is the man. He took out the p4p king 2 times in a row. Dominating fashion too.

  9. I’m a huge Anderson Silva fan, but there was no luck in what happened. Silva is human, like anyone else when it is time to hang them up it is just time.

  10. Dwayne, dominating one round does not mean he won the fight. We don’t know if he would have knocked out Silva again. Belfort will give him hell. We’ll watch Weidman lose the belt. Oh, and it’s “you’re” not “your.” Dumbass.

  11. chris fan are dick riders

  12. U got my respect

  13. Weidman is the real deal, he will destroy vitor belfort

  14. weidman is a stud and anyone who thinks dif, climb up the ranks, KO munoz, bust up uriah hall, and beat the goat x2. people hated on silva, people doubt bones, for christs sake. enjoy the sport, take some joy in a new champ in 185 and the insane murderers’ row coming for his ass. weidman has vitor, mousasi, souza, and in my opinion, MACHIDA is gonna be smushing him. but we will see, its great time for ufc… out w old, in w new.

  15. He lost twice get over it allready.

  16. Weidman is the man! No onr can argue that. Hes there to stay for a good while!he’d beat Silva everytime the fought. Silva can’t fight the fight that weidman imposses on his competion

  17. I respect Weidman as a fighter and as a champion, but you have to admit that the 2nd fight didn’t answer any of the questions that we had after the 1st.

  18. Silva fans either live in a fantasy world or they are just the most retarded mthr fkrz ever. If ignorance is bliss, some of you fools must be in heaven.

  19. I got to agree with Mitchell Nance, they might as well change Wiedmans name to “lucky”. I just feel bad for Silva mainly bc it isn’t just a title he lost. . It was his career. I’d rather him lose by another TKO than snap his leg. Either way. . Sivas stats says it all. Wiedman has a lot to live up to still in my opinion.

  20. Anderson Silva finally met a guy that he could not beat mentally before they got in the cage. That= 2 Weidman victories.

  21. Joe Fazio you may not realize Vitor was popped for Roids already and with his unrecognized sketchy “prescription” for TRT he cannot even get sanctioned to fight in the US… Kudos nice try however you happen to be wrong.

  22. Just keep doing what your doing man

  23. ufcpolitics says:

    Chris Weidman turned silva into the joke, kid. Go cry. Don’t expect vitoroid belfort to beat him either. Jacare’ is a bigger challenge or lyotos style. Silvas chin is becoming glass. Weidman knocked him silly with one behind the ear shot. Your immortal lord is a mere human who has lost badly two times. Get over it.

  24. All I know is for only taking a few shots from the botto
    Weidmans face was pretty bruised up.

  25. Get over it Joshy..silva lost and weidman proved to be his nemesis twice. Sending him into retirement the second time. It’s what it is and that is Weidman is the new king of the hill at 185. To be the man you gotta beat the man and he did it……twice


  26. Machida will take the belt soon enough. BET ON IT. Silva said he would never fight Machida and now we don’t have to worry about it coming to that!

  27. Chris Weidman is a joke

  28. I guess all the silva fans will get the answer they want in a couple of years of waiting cause wiedman will have that belt for a while. Btw Silva was lucky recovering from that ko in the first rd of the second fight.

  29. If you think that Weidmans second win was a fluke, you really don’t understand shin and leg conditioning “Wolff’s law”, that is the reason you train the bones the handle the stress of combat

  30. john gillians says:

    To be honest Silva just hit some strange luckless streak. I feel as if Weidman has not fought Silva yet. The first time Silva was clowning and received his just desserts while winning and second this is just a fluke should be a NC.I will note I am not a AS fan .I just would like to see a normal conclusion I hate these kind of injuries they don’t explain anything or present any closure just create rhetorical intangable outcomes..

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