Dana White Not Expecting GSP Retirement Announcement

With rumors circulating that UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre has a big announcement this coming Friday, UFC President Dana White went on record to tell everything that it’s not likely the retirement announcement some are expecting.

When asked this week about the announcement he responded:

“That’s not true; he’s not making any announcement on Friday,” White said. “This thing was planned for months. He’s going up to the opening of a mall, and he’s signing autographs for fans, and he’s going to do 10 minutes with the media. People are talking about he called a press conference and other things. I’m not saying he might not have something to say in these 10 minutes. He might. But it’s no crazy announcement like everybody was saying earlier.”

When asked about whether he thinks St. Pierre will actually retire he was confident that it wasn’t the case:

“I don’t think he’s going to retire,” White said. “I do know that he wants some time off, which is an issue because he just had over a year off for his ACL surgery and recovery. So we’ll see. I’m supposed to talk to Georges St-Pierre on Thursday when he gets back from vacation.”


  1. Because he is gonna know, so let’s assume that GSP has something else in mind.

  2. It would be his fault, the way he disrespected the champ after he beat that Hindu guy Hendricks, Dana go smoke some more crack cracker.

  3. Haha i love when people hate on dana when hes dlearly an awesome boss he told it like it was gsp does not deserve time off after a year the guy is not above dana the guy should heal up take a small vacation and come back in late spring time but gsp is a coward and a paper champ the guy needs to be gone ur not a real fighter if its once a year bullshit and if u only wrestle u suck gsp!!

  4. Stephen solid u are a an idiot I got that out of your clear undeniable lack of both mma history and your uneducated and ridiculous opinion of the sports most decorated athlete and just a note that posting that man who’s job is to go in a cage and fight another man is a coward is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while and an injury and it’s rehab are not a fucking vacation from Nov 17 2012 to Nov 16 2013 the champ has competed 3 time for a total of 15 rounds so u and Dana can go fuckyourselfs as for the only wrestle part ask anyone who has fought him if all he does is wrestle ask koschecks left eye about some stand up and anyone who consecutively fights the best in the world is not a paper champion dueschbag gsp 48-47 sick it

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