Georges St. Pierre Forfeits Welterweight Title, Taking Extended Leave

Georges St. Pierre is no longer the UFC Welterweight Champion. After weeks of speculation, the king of the 170lb division has decided its time to hang up his 4oz gloves and take an extended leave from the sport.

During a conference call today alongside UFC President Dana White, GSP discussed vacating the title and taking time away.

“15 of my fights were for a world title,” sid St-Pierre. “It is a lot of pressure. I decided I need to take time off. I know the UFC is a business they can’t wait for my little person. One day when I feel like it I might come back, but right now I need a break. So I vacate my belt.”

“At every fight you add weight, you add weight you add weight, and at some point for my equilibrium, I have to take a break. I can’t go through a camp right now… So I vacated my title.”

“Instead of having a red tape on my wrist, I’ll have a blue tape – I’ll be the challenger.”

“I never felt better physically, It is emotionally I need this. I want to live a little bit of a normal life. (I will be part of Tristar) but I wont have the pressure of competing.”

“I will keep training as I am a martial artists… I think one day I will be back… I can’t give a time for a return as that would put pressure on me.”

“My life is a zoo right now,” he said, laughing. “I know you guys are trying, but I am not going to tell you anything personal.”

“I am content (with my legacy). I wanted to do things to be remembered, to take the sport to the next level.”

White, who had showed reluctance in letting St. Pierre walk away from the sport, seemed more at peace with the idea today.

“I agree with Georges 100%,” said White. “He sat down with us and said ‘I have a lot of person problems right now. I cant imagine doing another camp.’ This is fighting man. You have to be 100% enotionally and physically.”

“The issues he’s dealing with outside the octagon are driving him nuts. He’s obsessing about it,”

The 32 year old St. Pierre leaves the sport with a record of 25-2 with 8 wins by knockout, 12 by submission and 5 by decision. His two losses came at the hands of Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. Both losses were later avenged.


  1. Jonny scare hims 2 much he’s a pussy!!! LOL

  2. Hendricks vs Lawler! Already a potential candidate for fight of the year. Can’t root against either guy. So, I’m definitely gonna okay with either one taking the belt home.

  3. Come back soon gsp and prĂ³ve u still the best

  4. Go to bellator

  5. GOAT

  6. He should have never gotten that title Hendricks won that fight by a mile, they clearly stole the fight from him, For the sake of the sport, I hope the UFC will never bring another fight to Vegas, the Nevada state commission destroyed boxing, and now they want to destroy the UFC…

  7. GOAT my ass…gsp has ducked silva for how many years????? Also he knows Johny Hendricks kicked his ass in their fight. Gsp honestly hasn’t looked good since he came back from his injury. Still tho I think he took the cowardly way out…… gsp was one of my favorite fighters but this is disappointing

  8. Pus

  9. to the real mma fans ur one of the greatest ever, to the fake ufc fans well theyre so fuckn stupid they only hear what rogans sayin and miss the whole fight, fags

  10. Sooo just bc I voiced my opinion I get labeled as a fag eh?? Fuck this…Chuck hall FUCK YOU…I’m not gonna entertain this fb bullshit. Im out yo…

  11. Anyone who has something negative to say about gsp is an idiot and a wus. First of all you would never say it to his face,and you would shit yourself if he was standing in front of you. You talk about hendricks like hes the best and he hasnt done shit. Either way you look at it gsp fought him for 5 rounds and was still standing,something you could never do. The damn guy defended his title against 15 of the best fighters in the world and you dont think he deserves a break for whatever reason he wants. Your a bunch of losers and facebook gangsters.

  12. Are people still complaining about Hendricks being “robbed”?
    Get over that.

  13. What an incredibly stupid thing to say

  14. Anthony Olvera knew it would happen, the power of The Beard was to much!

  15. gsp is da best

  16. Wow, when you brush up against a blanket do you bleed? You got some thin skin there buddy.

    GSP left on his own terms and it takes a real man to know stand up and say “I’m done for now” he didn’t let anyone bully him into staying…good on you GSP!

  17. GSP thank you for entertaining me and friends with your art.

  18. right. i pussy with 15 ufc title wins, against a who’s who of the ufc welterweight division. from an armchair warrior who i’m betting never laced on a glove.

  19. right on. dissing a dude with 15 title wins against a who’s who of the division. i’m betting not one ever laced on a glove. bunch of keyboard wankers.

  20. your a total dumbass if that really what you think

  21. The octagon is there and still be there for GSP comeback, we will be waiting!

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