Rumor: Brock Lesnar May Return To The UFC, Will Be At UFC 168

After a two year hiatus from the sport of MMA, it now appears that it is possible former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar could make a return to the Octagon. reports that Lesnar will be in attendance at UFC 168 in Las Vegas this week and when asked about whether there could be business discussions in the works, a grinning UFC President Dana White told the media Thursday that he didn’t know.

“I honestly don’t know,” he said, repressing a grin like a man who just might know more than he wanted to say. “Honestly?” somebody goaded. “Honestly,” White said, “I don’t know.”

Although purely speculation at this point, it could be a big help for the UFC after former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre vacated his title and decided to leave the sport behind for a while. Lesnar was consistently one of the top PPV draws for the promotion.


  1. I don’t think this a big deal, considering Lesnar is not championship caliber type anymore. I think Dana is grinning because he now has a PPV cash cow to replace GSP.

  2. Ufc in Russia 2014: Brock vs Fedor!

  3. Ross Pearson Robert Hannibal Draper ??? If he’s secretly been working on his stand up game then he cud be a force the hw division is low on big names at the min

  4. Not a good idea

  5. Kool i’d watch hope he’s been training

  6. Eh….

  7. Chris 父 Mccarthy

  8. Since he’s contracted to 2015 with wwe I highly doubt it. He can fake fight for millions. Why fight for real.

  9. pointless he couldn’t compete at the required level then ,he may well improve his skill set but you cant improve you heart ,to go fetal while getting hit says a lot for a mans make up

  10. Trevor Mo’Money

  11. Uggh

  12. C

  13. that’s a big deal….. i hope so to see the beast fight again anybody qho doeant think so just dont know and pkease.dont watch turn off your tv set and go lice under a rock idiot

  14. Barf. Tara

  15. Well Brock has hopefully had time to actually heal physically and mentally. He was no where near the fighter after he got sick. Another fight with Mir could be huge… lol

  16. ^this…Brock was never the same after diverticulitis….maybe he was never elite , but getting as sick as he was surely didn’t help…guy almost died

  17. Sick and weak! From being of the juice. And if they brimg him back and not askren they have issues. Askren is way more talented that brock.brock is just a big dude and intimating. To stiff to be a good fighter. Look hoe Cain flows and is not one demintional like brock. Brock could come back and win some fights but he will never contend for tge title again

  18. It’s over Brock move on! Dana you need to do better than this.

  19. I still would like to see him back in tho, he’d definitely stir the pot back up and that’s what is needed

  20. Back for what jds to beat him and Cain to smash him in fact anyone in the top 5 would stop him now. He can not take a punch does not know how to avoid being hit.

  21. The “next big thing” is just a waste of time

  22. I cant wait….. Hope u do Brock! Work on your boxing, and i’ll be waiting for you champ.

  23. He is not returning nor was there any fucking indicator he will he’s coming to watch the fucking fight dana said he had no idea that he was even coming.

  24. Screw him he sucks

  25. Johnathan Nugent hahahaha! Get um cain!!! Lol

  26. So he can get the piss beat out of him some more …

  27. First match for jon jones

  28. Lesnar and Nelson to coach the next TUF and will fight following the season. #rumor

  29. He must need the money

  30. Fuck ya!!! The next big thing is back!!

  31. Who cares

  32. What did he learn how to get punched in the face. The guy can’t take a hit. He literally runs away from it.

  33. Laurence Younger

  34. Oscar Torres Andrew Valenzuela Huuuuhomg!!!!!!

  35. :)

  36. Well
    Welcome back, the octagon is just waiting!

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