Anderson Silva Tweets Picture And Message To Fans

Anderson Silva is on the road to recovery after suffering a devastating leg injury at UFC 168 that seen him breaking his leg and require surgery to repair it.

The former Middleweight Champion is back at home with his family and posted the following photo and message to fans:


  1. miles ballew says:

    god bless you champ cant wait to see you back healthy in 2014.

  2. God bless

  3. Is he comin bk

  4. No

  5. Silva is going to come back hard!

  6. marcus moe says:

    a spider has 8 legs. Silva will return.

  7. Danny 306 says:

    Only Anderson knows if he’ll be back competing. I personally think he should retire and enjoy spending time with his family. He’s the Michael Jordan of mma. There will never be another Anderson Silva.

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