Fertitta Hoping To Have Weidman Vs. Belfort In Las Vegas

UFC CEO and co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta confirmed with ESPN this week when Chris Weidman will face Vitor Belfort and possibly where:

“Depending on Chris Weidman, I’d like to do Vegas [in] May or July,” Fertitta told ESPN via text message.

The issue with Vegas is that Belfort may receive push back from the NSAC when he looks for a therapeutic use exemption for testosterone replacement therapy. Belfort has not fought in the USA over his last three fights and there is some speculation that the reason behind it is because of failed performance enhancing drug tests in the USA. NSAC Director, Keith Kizer has expressed doubt in the past that Belfort would be licensed in Nevada due to a failed test in 2006.

In his defense, Belfort says he is able to fight anywhere:

“I’m able to fight anywhere,” Belfort said. “I have done everything by the book. Everybody knows that people cheat, but I don’t. I’m very open and very loyal to my principles.”

Weidman’s trainer Ray Longo isn’t on the TRT train and feels Belfort doesn’t deserve the exemption:

“I know Chris is beating the guy but why give him an advantage?” Longo said. “Why does he deserve that? All he did was abuse his body with steroids so that now he needs the exemption. It’s bull—-.”


  1. Lol hoping

  2. Not gonna happen in vegas, belfort has trt level,that wont let him fight in the usa, thats why his last few fights have been in brazil.

  3. TRTVitor is doubtful to ever fight in Vegas again unless its on the strip.

  4. Its simple really if mr. TRT fights in Brazil he will be the new champ, if the fight will be in Vegas (withc I really hope so), Weidman will smash Vitor worst than he smashed Silva..

  5. Trt should not b allowed in the ufc period. Problem solved.

  6. so make it happen, vitor”is good but he is gonna be another for weidman list!!!

  7. i hope so too. put hat fight in Brazil and guess what. Belfort will be loaded up on horse tranquilizers

  8. Co czeka nas w 2014 roku w sportach walki? Zapraszam do lektury! Jeśli się podoba dajcie ‘lajka’!

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