Matt Serra Thinks Chris Weidman Made Right Move Checking Leg Kick

Any fighter will likely tell you that the most satisfying way to win a fight is via knockout or submission. At UFC 168, Chris Weidman was victorious over Anderson Silva by way of TKO via injury. Although not the most highlight friendly way of winning, Weidman checked an Anderson Silva leg kick which in turn broke Silva’s leg.

If you ask Weidman’s trainer Matt Serra about what he thinks of the victory, he’ll tell you he doesn’t a problem with the way Weidman won at all:

“Why is it odd,” asked Serra when questioned by post-fight at UFC 168. “See, here’s the thing; of course you’d like to have a nice knockout or a nice submission, or a ref stoppage or something like that, but the fight game is like chess, and he [Weidman] made the right move.

“He made the right move. If Chris doesn’t lift that leg up and check it — like Ray Longo showed him how to — he’s eating that kick. And here’s the thing about a kick like that; the harder you throw it, the worse for wear you are,” said Serra.

So what do you think? Should people be respecting Weidman more for his win or do you feel it may have been different had Silva not broke his leg?


  1. Fat Serra

  2. No shit. Kinda obvious

  3. Your corner saying “fuck him” in the back ground shows how classless you guys are. Would have thought you were better then that Serra.

  4. Ya think

  5. What’s he supposed to do. Please kick my leg. Fuck cry baby Silva fans. He was getting beat regardless.

  6. Fudge silva anyway he always pulls that front knee kick he got what he was trying to put on other people

  7. Correct! Good call!

  8. Silva woulda win that fight.

  9. I replay this many of times he did not check the kick just happens he broke his leg that’s all

  10. Regardless of all this shit Chris needs to go play the lottery…. lucky mf

  11. Lol Matt Serra what a joke! Lands a lucky shot on gsp and loses the title on his first defense…..gsp made him his bitch in that fight!

  12. Lucky shot or not, still solidified himself as a champ…hate on

  13. what was he supposed to think? That he was supposed to take the kick? Sounds pretty stupid to me

  14. Fighters check kicks all the time. If a fighter knows his opponent will be checking kicks that’s another consideration before kicking. If a guy doesn’t tap out on an arm bar he will likely have a broken arm.
    I don’t get what the problem is here.
    It’s a dangerous sport!

  15. matt a ass kisser

  16. we needed matt serra to us that?!

  17. No way. He really believes that Weidman should have checked the kick?? Thats like saying im glad he moved his head when his opponent tried to punch him in the face.

  18. Watch the replay he checked the kick before an the one when his leg broke perfectly ninja skillz chris that’s why your the champ

  19. A fight is a fight

  20. it’s part of the game. weidman won within the rules. if the tables were turned, silva would be defending checking the kick. stop whining, learn how to take a loss, give the new champ his respect.

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