White: No Title Shot For Bendo, He’s A Grinder Not A Finisher

Despite picking up the win this past weekend at UFC on FOX 10, it appears Ben Henderson isn’t in the UFC Lightweight title picture according to President Dana White.

White spoke about Henderson’s title chances post fight and was straight to the point on his stance:

“No,” said White, as transcribed by MMAFighting. “But, I mean, that was a Ben Henderson fight. When Ben Henderson has the title, or he’s trying to get back to the title, that’s a Ben Henderson fight. I mean, we’ve seen that fight a million times.

“It’s not about even being more aggressive. He’s a talented fighter. He’s just one of these guys — he’s a grinder, he’s not a finisher.”

“Ben Henderson lost twice to Pettis, the champion, and he got destroyed last fight. He didn’t do anything that’s going to have anybody screaming, ‘Oh, I want to see him get another shot at Pettis.’”

The fight, which ended in a split decision, left White with advice he has given many times before:

“My thing is, you guys both know you’re fighting for the chance to get a shot at the title, OK? you’re getting a shot at the title. You go. Go, go, go. Go for broke. Don’t ever leave it in the judges’ hands, or at least put on enough of a performance to know you won because you can never trust the judges.”


  1. He shouldn’t have won that fight anyway!

  2. hes danas little bitch, he does anything 4 dana just like the phoney loss to pettis who is danas 2nd favorite bitch next to jones,

  3. He needs to start decisively finishing fights before he can even be considered for another title shot. Even so, I’m not interested in seeing him fight Pettis a third time, seeing as how he lost the most recent one more decisively than the first. I’d rather see him fight at Welterweight.

  4. Bendo won’t get another shot until he racks up about 3 more wins

  5. Sorry but Bendo won the fight, had the injury not happened maybe it would have went differently but get over it guys.

  6. Bendo is on the path to be the next Jon Fitch.

  7. how is he danas bitch i know him personally an train wit him the lab iss located 17206 n 75th ave glendale Az cum sign a waiver an see who the bitch nxt he pushes pace fights on top position lands hundreds of strikes how is he a grinder

  8. grinders lay and pray he’s constantly punching moving forward striking slamming he jst dnt have knockout power

  9. UFC is not a sports organization it’s an entertainment organization. I

  10. Just like grinding bitch ass gsp…glad he stepped away after johnny knocked some sense into him…

  11. I agree not with all your decisisions but this one. Thomson absolutely crushed Diaz and like I said on Cage Potato He handled Benson with a broken hand. That dude is a finisher. I personally could care less to see Henderson and Pettis Fight again.

  12. Ufc should be like bellator tournaments and tournaments

  13. So you are now saying WINNING is not good enough, you have to finish too. Were you going to strip GSP of his title next fight if he didn’t finish and only won the fight too? You also believe Mayweather should be stripped cuz he doesn’t finish fights, he’s smart and grinds. Sad move Dana

  14. Bendo did win that fight but I agree doesn’t deserve a shot melendez and Diaz r in line put bendo in with a real killer like Diego sanchez

  15. What is GSP then, that guy hasn’t finished a fite since Matt Serra..

  16. Bendo did not win that fight. I been fan of his for awhile. Hes an amazing mixed martial artist. But he’s not a fighter. There is a difference

  17. Assbestos says:

    Really is too bad about Thompson’s hand. His wrestling was excellent. Maybe he could have won that fight .

    Benson Henderson is better that 90% of the guys at 155. I expect he’ll challenge for the title again someday.

  18. benderson got another questionable decision. he deserves permanent prelim fights.

  19. This is watched for entertainment purposes and its not entertaining to watch a person who grinds out a win just to get a “W”. Fighters are entertaining. Fighters like Sanchez and Matt Brown.

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