Video: Bellator MMA Experimenting With Virtual Reality

In recent months, the NBA and NHL have both begun filming their games for virtual reality devices. The latest sports organization to hop on the bandwagon is Bellator MMA. Bellator isn’t working on filming their fights for VR though, instead focusing on the fighters’ training and walk-ins.

Bellator MMA executive Jason Jordan told Bloomberg he’s underwhelmed by the current state of VR game footage from other organizations. Instead of filming the competition, Viacom and Bellator plan on using VR to take fans behind the scenes with fighters. “We’re taking people in new places they otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience,” said Jordan.

“It’s not going to replace what you see on television,” Spike executive John Slusser added, “it’s going to enhance that by showing a different angle.”

At Bellator’s next event, fans will be able to visit virtual reality booths equipped with Google’s Oculus Rift headsets. They’ll be able to pick which fighter to follow as they prepare for their upcoming fights.