A Look At UFC 107 Bettings Odds, Penn Vs. Sanchez

UFC 107 The Prodigy's Nightmare: UFC Betting Odds

Heading into this battle, we have the UFC odds currently set with The Prodigy as a 3 to 1 favorite. A bit too expensive for The Prodigy if you ask me. UFC promotes him as “unbeaten at 155 pounds for nearly eight years”, but one might say “defeated nearly every other time at 170 pounds”. A quick aside: I’ve never fully understood these “must have” nicknames for fighters, but I suspect a friend of mine has it pretty much nailed with his assertion that it’s all to do with selling merchandise and hyping matchups. Well, this time it came in handy for an article title.

The fight takes place on December 12th at FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee; per-per-view only. This lightweight title fight replaces the Rampage/Evans bout as a main event, which was cancelled due to Jackson removing himself from the card in favor of acting. He is currently part of the cast of the upcoming feature film adaptation of “The A-Team”. I can hear a lot of boos for Jackson from the fighting aficionado crowd, but I say – go for it and “good rampage” to you. Acting is a learned skill, just as fighting, and I have to believe Jackson is going to enjoy life on the film set a bit more than his day’s grappling, so good luck Quinton. This replacement fight might be a lot more spectacular than the original heavyweight bout anyway.

B.J. “The Prodigy” Penn vs. Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez fight should have -200/+160 odds. Who knows, Penn Sanchez odds still might come down to that from the current -300/+220. Nightmare has the longer reach and is younger and faster on his feet with light-speed punching and kicking. Both fighters have good skills on the ground but The Prodigy is way more experienced. Penn’s opponents have been much stronger obviously, which will count on the ground in this fight. That is what I think will be the base strategy for BJ – take Sanchez down quickly and choke him. Stay away from the rear-naked choke or it will be your own nightmare, Sanchez!

Did you see the last Sanchez vs. Guida fight? He was like an energizer bunny that short-circuited with his relentless punches at amazing speed. When Guida took him to the ground in the second, Sanchez impressed with the elbows he threw from the bottom position, like a “La Maquina” (“The Machine”, a better nickname for our Sanchez).

We are in for an interesting fight and I am going to put my money where my mouth is and get few bucks down on Sanchez.

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