AFFLICTION RESULTS: Mark Hominick vs. Savant Young


Mark Hominick vs. Savant Young

Hominick is using his reach to push the fight but hasn't connected. Young went for a takedown and it's blocked. Good combo by Hominick. Crowd booing both. Young rifled back a punch afer Hominick threw a few. Young staggered Homninick with a body blow but Hominick back with one up the middle. Hominick 10-9.

They showed Sylvia and Fedor on the screen. Crowd booed the hell out of Sylvia even more than you'd think.

Round two is more of the same. Young went for a takedown and finally got Hominick down after they were tied up in he ropes. Hominick with a triangle from the bottom. Young tried a power bomb but Hominick moved away. Young with some punches from he top. Hominick going for another triangle but Young avoided it and throwing more punches from the top. Hominick going for an armbar but Young out. Another triangle by Hopminick. Now an armbar and Young tapped out. Awesome ground work by Hominick in this round. Crowd going nuts.