AFL Wants To Put Together Mike Van Arsedale Vs. Tito Ortiz

According to the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer, The American Fight League has been trying to put together a match up with former UFC veterans Mike Van Arsedale and Tito Ortiz. From the newsletter:

Mike Van Arsdale, who was an Olympic team wrestling coach and one of the top wrestlers in the country for about a 15-year period, has signed with the AFL, which is the group with Bobby Lashley and Tara LaRosa that has a November PPV date. Van Arsdale, 43, hasn’t fought in more than two years and lost his last four matches. Sean McClure of the AFL said they want to put Van Arsdale vs. Tito Ortiz, but that sounds like a group searching for headlines. With what Ortiz is asking, nobody except possibly UFC can make it work, and even in UFC, it couldn’t work if Van Arsdale was the opponent.

It's pretty far fetched to see this one get put together but money talks. That is if the AFL even has the money to put out there for someone like Ortiz.


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