Anderson Silva Interested In Catchweight Bout Against Conor McGregor

Just when you thought “The Conor McGregor Show” couldn’t get any crazier, MMA legend Anderson Silva reveals that he is interested in a catchweight bout against the UFC Featherweight Champion.

Silva, a former longtime 185-pound champion in the UFC who has also fought multiple bouts at 205 pounds, spoke about his interest in fighting the current UFC 145-pound champion while promoting his upcoming fight against Urijah Hall at UFC 198 in Curitiba, Brazil.

“I would like to do a rematch with Nick Diaz and then (Michael) Bisping again. And the challenge that I would like to have in my career would be cut down in weight and fight McGregor,” Silva said in a media scrum in Brazil.

“I don’t know, I would have to talk to (UFC general manager) Giovani (Decker) about which weight we can do this fight at, but it’s a challenge I would like. He offers me a big challenge, something I’m looking for in my martial knowledge right now.”

So, why does Silva wanrt to fight McGregor?

“His fighting style,” stated Silva. “He’s an eclectic, versatile athlete, and I believe his game can surprise many people, like it did already. I think he’s a great fighter and a smart man.”