Anderson Silva On Rua Brothers Leaving Chute Boxe Team

The following is an article from TATAME:

Friday 21st of December 2007 12:00 PM

Anderson coments output of Rua's brother from Chute Boxe

Although in Curitiba , the middleweight champion of the UFC, Anderson Silva, became aware through the TATAME team on the departure of his former teammates Mauricio Shogun and Murilo Ninja from Chute Boxe. “I think that the team is without a reference. They are wrong and are paying for the mistake. A big team is made with good basis and they lost it, then I think its difficult for Chute Boxe to be back to the top. The team has gone through a similar situation when I, Pele, Assurio Silva, the master Digenes, Sergio Cunha and many others left the team, and they recuperated. I think now they need to review the concepts of them, see where they wrong and change” said Anderson, who left the door open for Shogun and Ninja.

“I never had anything against them and against anyone on the team. By the time I left I, they also were going out, but for some reason they stayed. Me and Ninja appeared together in Mecca and if I can help them, I will help. Though I find that they do not need my help, the door is open for them if they seek me”, assured Anderson Silva.


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