Anderson Silva Says Rib Injury Had Him At 85% Against Chris Weidman

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva spoke this week with Combate about his loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 162 and what may have played a role in the loss. Although denied at the time, a rib injury was rumored prior to the bout and now Silva says he came in to the title defense hurt:

“It is good to talk about it, because I was really hurt,” said Silva. “So far no one had touched on this subject, but this is no excuse for my performance. It was slightly below the rib that I had fractured before the first fight against Sonnen. And that’s it. I was 85% of my physical condition.”

Asked to detail the injury, the Spider wasn’t open to discussing it further.

“I can not talk about it because anything I talk can be used against me,” said Silva, adding “it is past.”

Silva also said the injury had healed, and that he was set to begin training for the Dec. 28th rematch this week.

“I’m fine now,” said Silva. “Wednesday I start to train for the fight.”

  • Simon Scholey

    why do fighters always come out & say this you got knocked out because you got cocky instead of just fighting the fight!

  • Graham O’Keeffe

    it wasn’t a physical injury that made him lose, it was a mental injury ;)

  • Mark Hoxie

    Rib injuries don’t make you drop your guard and dance.

  • Chad Chervin

    BULLSHIT!!!! Fuckin lyin ass baby excuse….cocky is right

  • Wade Norton

    He had the same excuse when sonnon almost beat him

  • Alex D’Amico

    When a Brazilian loses, they are hurt. Don’t even watch tape and analyze, just figure they were hurt.

  • Jason McDermitt

    Excuses, excuses.

  • Todd Zabel

    He didnt say thats why he lossed. Chris Weidman also said that he wasnt 100%… No FIGHTER IS 100%. Quit making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • Dwayne Hamm

    Funny how he could dance around like an idiot with a rib injury.

  • Truman Tedoff

    that’s a flex

  • Timothy Moore

    just like the rib injury against sonnen?

  • Ron Harper

    Anderson is my favorite but the excuses get old

  • Brent Lyon

    The old injury excuse after a loss. So predictable.

  • Hayden Carter

    “So far no one had touched on this subject, but this is no excuse for my performance” Did you retards even read it? He said he was not 100% but the rib had nothing to do with why he got beat. Im not sticking up for him, but its kinda right there in black and white.

  • Edward Smith

    If i remember correctly it was a punch to the face that knocked him out not the ribs…TOOL

  • Greg Swinden

    I guess Silva showboating and disrespecting his opponent had nothing to do with it …it was the ribs that made him lost…man up and just admit you lost…no excuses

  • Joe Starkey

    he’s so full of shit. said the same thing about chael.

  • Ben Williams

    Yep and I was at like….47% when I got my ass kicked by a girl in the 1st grade. Couldn’t get to sleep during nap time coz I missed out on my milk plus she was massive for a 1st grader. So Anderson I know your pain brother

  • Errol Parker

    Or how about he’s giving you something to talk about. Anderson Silva is great with mind games when he’s motivated…

  • Brian Walker

    He may have been at 85%, but a 100% of his ass got kicked. lol

  • Darren Kost

    He wasn’t moving around like someone with a rib injury!!! LOL, but he had one of those against Chael in the first fight too!!!

  • Ken Pfeiffer

    his story will keep changing, why not just say i lost and now i will fight to try and get it back, have some class you bum

  • Derek McGlohn

    You all are idiots read the whole story. He said its no excuse for losing dumb ass Wuna be fans

  • Chris Roach Sandefur

    Another excuse why he lost.. Give me a break.. Silva got caught plan and simple… Smh..

  • Chris Roach Sandefur

    Nobody is 100 percent when they fight most of the time.

  • Jona Jet Arroyo

    Justin Sherrod Cody Stepp Omar Pitts Jr. Jamez Kirkland haha

  • Robert Evans


  • James Piddington

    If he had a rib injury he probably shouldn’t have been twisting his torso while busting a move. Next he is gonna say he knocked himself out.

  • Brandon Nolley

    That knockout had him at 100% unconscious

  • Justin Sherrod

    Bullshit excuse

  • Martin Cordova

    That is the reason silva is going to lose again he sounds like tito ortiz just sad thought he had more honor than that is

  • Roger Moron

    He’s a fantastic fighter, but things like this makes me hard to like this motherfucker

  • Lacey Kahle

    Ahh and this is just coming out now

  • Jeffrey Jackson

    He got 100% KTFO

  • Dwayne McAlister

    his ‘Rib” excuse is getting old

  • Adamm Perfect

    Is that why he put his hands down and let him hit him? Wow I knew he wouldn’t have been stupid enough to let someone hit him. What a stupid excuse.

  • Jack Hebdowski

    he was dancing around and got ko’d, nothing to do with ribs, maybe he had some fr dinner the night before lol

  • Jason Shingleton

    Hmmm….Is that what caused him to drop his hands and stick out his chin like a moron? :~

  • Nick Bradley

    excuses excuses excuses what’s going to be his excuse when he gets beat again

  • Mike Ramsauer

    what a joke when ever this guy gets his butt handed to him he claims oh I was injured

  • Kevin Mcclelland

    Best of all time

  • David Forster

    One word: EXCUSES!!!

  • Jeff Hislop


  • Chris Akachuk

    little late for excuses

  • Chris Akachuk

    if it isn’t an excuse what is it?

  • William Travis Barber

    I don’t think a rib injury had much with him losing.

  • Liam O’Keefe

    Can someone please bring the man a box of tissues. Please.

  • Anthony Lino

    I think it was more if a head injury. He list his freakin mind, fought like an idiot and got caught doing it

  • Kevin C. Spangler

    Blocking punches with his head cost him the fight.

  • Brian Hancock

    Who knew your ribs were connected to the right side of your face?

    Mind officially blown

  • Fabien Parker

    Dude really? That’s weak shit

  • Ronald Gomez-Hernandez

    That’s bullshit he said the same thing with sonnen

  • Amanda Nodtvedt

    What a baby …

  • Cody Stepp

    Lmao lame excuse. Doesn’t matter though, a serious Silva will put him down once they rematch.

  • Justin Sherrod

    Too bad weidman is gonna beat him again

  • John O’ Kelly

    a rib injury made him show boat?

  • Jerome Smith

    Oh, come on! Really? An excuse? How about you ginormous ego slowed your head’s reaction time down, that’s why he KO’ed you!

  • Justin Lasut

    So…his ribs were bothering him so much that he had to drop his hands and pretend he was Ali. Then, his ribs caused him to get KOed – because EVERYBODY knows the rib bone is connected to the chin bone.

  • Ilha de Itamaraca

    shut the fuk up u lost, pussy Oh my ribs….come-on

  • Josh O’Brien

    Excuses excuses, there’s always something fuckin stupid comin out of this cunts mouth latley !! You got to cocky and got exactly what you deserved, put to fucking sleep.. Suck it up ya wingin bitch. Honestly of late I hope weidman does it again !!

  • Choy Ferrer Valmonte

    excuses! you got cocky! thats it!

  • Jason Victor Everett

    what a PUSSY thing to say. like the “rib injury” somehow affected his chin when he got knocked the FUCK out while doing his usual clowning routine. I hope he gets destroyed and massacred again in the rematch. Fucking cocky piece of shit.

  • Chris Stephens

    Acting like a jackass = #1 (and probably sole) reason he lost. His ribs might have been hurt, but that isn’t why he lost.