Anderson Silva: There Was No Lack Of Respect

After getting knocked out cold by Chris Weidman at UFC 162 and losing the UFC Middleweight Championship, many pointed their fingers at Anderson Silva and claimed his in-cage antics were the cause of his loss.

With his hands down by his waist, Silva ate multiple shots from Weidman which lead to the end of his long reign as Champ.

Silva spoke about the accusations this week and explained his side of things:

“If Muhammad Ali came up saying I wasn’t humble, then I’d think if I was humble or not,” he said in a Sunday interview on Brazil’s Globo TV. “There was no lack of respect. I respect everybody. All the provocation, hands down… It should continue, it’s part of the show”

“Nobody likes to lose,” Silva said. “I train four months to win. But you end [up] learning with your mistakes, and I learned the worst way possible. After everything that happened, we calm down and I realized I had something to question, even question Anderson Silva. I lost to myself, and that’s the worst loss. Losing by knockout shakes you, [it] will be in history, but will leave a lesson.”

“Everybody has to retire, but it’s not my time yet,” Silva said. “I’ll get a rematch. Chris gave me this opportunity and we’re fighting again. That’s another chance to overcome, reinvent myself as a person and athlete.”

Weidman KO

  • Melvin Vliet

    There was a lack of something. He had his hands down, trying to play games, and it bit him in the ass. i know Silva is the better fighter, but modesty is a huge part of being champion. He needs to learn not to show boat. He’s too old to try to just play with this new up and comers like that.

  • Johnny Ramos

    showboating is a lack of respect, it may not be disrespect but certainly lacking. . always protect yourself at ALL times I “think” is what the Ref tells the 2 combatants before the bell rings and no matter how good you think you are never underestimate your opponent just go in for the kill and end it but this is all just proof that anyone can go down

  • Justin Lasut

    He was saying he did it because it was “part of the show”. GSP has a nice streak going on, not nearly as long (yet), and yet the fans still pay to see him even when he does his “lay-and-pray” because he’s a hell of a fighter, not because he plays the crowd by clowning his opponents. If he wants to play for the fans instead of concentrating on WINNING the fight, there’s always the WWE. He might not have MEANT to disrespect Weidman, but if his actions made Weidman FEEL disrespected, then it WAS disrepectful.