Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz Signed For January 31, 2015

Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz is officially signed and will take place at UFC 183 on January 31, 2015. UFC’s annual Super Bowl weekend event is usually a stacked card and this blockbuster fight might make next year’s installment the biggest one yet.

UFC President Dana White appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Tuesday evening and made the announcement.

During an interview at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas earlier this month, Dana White spoke about the possibility of these two squaring off.  When talking about Silva, White said, “him and Nick Diaz want to fight each other. And I think people what to see that fight. So we’ll see what happens.” He also discussed Silva’s recovery from a broken leg. “He’s great,” White said. “He’s recovered, he’s training, hopefully, he’s going to be back at the end of this year, the beginning of next.”

Anderson Silva has been out of action since his gruesome broken leg against Chris Weidman at UFC 168. He started sparring again on June 20th and is confident he’ll be 100% come January.

Black House MMA posted this photo on Facebook of Silva training earlier today:

Last month, Silva himself on a potential fight with Diaz.

“Well, if everybody is saying that it would be an interesting fight, what am I going to say? It could be an interesting fight.”

He also commented on the broken leg:

“(My left shin) is stronger than the other one, way stronger than the other one,’ he said. “I’m training, and it’s helping me a lot in training. But I’m a little insecure about my movements, so I’m just kicking from the waist up [laughs].”

Comment below and tell us who you think will win Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz.


  • WCWJobber

    This is going to be awesome.

  • Pozessed

    This is definitely a blockbuster of a match, will tune in for sure!

    • MMA expert

      nick lost horribly against GSP-Silva will destroy him. UFC will make money-Nick can’t beat any of the top 5 fighters right now,

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Break a leg, Silva! Er, wait.

  • Kayfaber

    Diaz no shot to win, just the UFC stealing the public’s money

    • Big c

      How you figure, nick is awesome, they are equal striking equal speed equal submissions. Gonna be a good fight and will go the distance.

    • Big c

      Not to mention 1 leg kick could end it, never know how it healed.

  • Qball1974

    Expected nothing less from Anderson on taking this fight.

  • Heru Setiady

    Would be funny if Silva injured his own leg again but this time without even hitting his opponent.