Another Take On The Diaz Press Conference Situation


I was at the press event with Diaz in question. I asked the question which got the smug response the piece references and was standing in front of Nate when he gave it.

I asked where the win over Josh Neer placed him in the lightweight division. His answer was unnecessarily brief.

But that was his right. Contrary to the report, his other answers were not profanity laced and I was able to use a couple of them in my after event News & Notes report.

And while Nick Diaz may have been having it out with UFC personnel, it was not more than a minor distraction. I won’t lie and say that I didn’t think it rude that Nate departed so abruptly.

But, my feelings as a journalist are not news. I am there to report and not interject myself into the story. I should report, not create news.


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