Anthony Pettis Says He’s Too Skilled For Fight Like Melendez vs. Sanchez

UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis has been in some entertaining fights but none quite as entertaining as the barn burner between Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez a few weeks ago at UFC 166, and don’t hold out hope of seeing anything like that from Pettis in the future either.

Pettis talked to BJ Penn Radio this week about the potential fight of the year candidate and explained why you will never see him in a fight like that:

“That’s not my fight. You’ll never see Anthony Pettis in a fight like that. I’m too intelligent, too skilled, and too versatile to be standing with someone toe-to-toe. It was pretty entertaining, though, and the fans love it … it’s just not really my style. Melendez is a great fighter and I’m sure we’re going to fight in the future. It was a very entertaining fight with Diego and Melendez but like I said, it’s not my style. You’re never going to see me in a match like that. Too much skill and talent to be caught up in a brawling match … I’m not saying I won’t get into an exchange, that’s just not my style to get hit like that. If you watch my fights, I’ve gotten hit once or twice out of my whole career. It’s not that I can’t take it, it’s just that I don’t need to get hit. Why get hit in the face when I can hit you before you hit me? I’m not afraid to get into an exchange but I have an intelligent fight style and I think Josh is going to have a problem with it and anybody in the 155, 145 is going to have a problem with my fight style.”

  • John Horvath

    I cannot stand cannot stand Anthony Pettis! !!!! You’ve been hit more than twice in the face if you watch the first time him and Ben fight Ben beat the snot out of him

  • Jon Mattingly

    in otherwords pettis is a prick

  • Alan Johnstone

    Don’t be scared homie!

  • Jake Seal

    Anthony Pettis is an arrogant piece of shit who thinks he’s God’s gift to the UFC. Fuck this little piece of shit. Can’t wait to see him get smashed.

  • Shane Pizzano

    Anthony Pettis doesn’t need to fight like that. He’s way to skilled for Bar room brawls . He’s the best Lightweight on the planet . in a league of his own.

  • Omar Bedingfield

    ben deserves rematch he held the belt long enough pettis cnt take a Melendez punch

  • Jordan Devereux

    He’s probably right

  • Dom Isaac

    Pettis is not a warrior never has been. He never has claimed to be one either so all is good.

  • Donnie Hall

    Just when u think ur too good you’ll get ur ass beat ha ha can’t wait to see it happen!

  • Sauimoana Veve Tafao

    When you have bar room brawls like sanchez & melendez the chances of your career being short are very good. Make sense.

  • Chris Carmona

    Stop hating on pettis he would kick all your buts. I’m not saying he is the greatest I’m just saying have respect, what if it was the other way and it was Melendez!!