Be The Next Gina Carano? (American Gladiators Tryout Info)

Be the Next Gina Carano?

Sid Needelman reporting…

If you have the time to be reading a network TV's website, you may already be “in the know” but for those who rely on others, as I am, here is your chance to be like Gina Carano.

Sorry, the body, or the talent do not come with this opportunity. But you can be like her and give up what you have going for you in one career and join up to wear funny spandex and be called by a stage name. If you want to be the next gladiators of network TV, details are below for you to become an American Gladiator.

The show will need 24 new contenders so casting is set to begin immediately. Casting for season two starts January 27th from 10:00-4:00PM. at the Venice Beach Gold's Gym in Venice, California.

Other casting calls will be on February 2 in Denver, Chicago and Austin and February 9 in New York City, Scottsdale, AZ and Orlando.

Times for the February 2 & 9 casting calls have yet to be determined.

If you are unable to make these casting calls you can always send in a video with a maximum of five minutes on the tape in VHS, DVD or mini-DV format. Video tapes must be sent in by February 11th. For all the casting information, dates and times along with updates, check out NBC's website.

Good Luck to all you fans!


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