Belfort: I Do Not Have The Ambition To Fight Silva Right Now speaks with Vitor Belfort who doesn't seem interested in a fight with Anderson Silva:

Anderson hurt the elbow and he must fight only next year. Do you wanna do one more fight or wait for his recover?

This thing of fighting Anderson is something that I’ve never looked for. I care about him a lot, but started that thing of Dana White talks… I don’t care about fighting for the title, I want to do some more fights. I don’t have this ambition of fighting him (Anderson) now, I didn’t get in UFC looking for it, to take his belt… I never had that thing, I just want to do my work.

Is there anyone else that you’d like to fight and deserve the title shot?

I know I deserve, that’s not the problem, neither the discussion, I just like to make some fights. The belt’s moment is gonna come, there are people that want to talk that I don’t deserve, but I don’t believe that. Anderson is not a guy that I want to fight, I support him a lot, we already trained together, I like him a lot. It’s not a thing that I want to… If the belt were on Nate Marquardt’s hands, if I could choose, I wouldn’t fight with Anderson because I care about him.

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