Benji Radach Not Happy With The UFC After IFL Demise

In an interview with Sam Caplan at CBSSportsline, Benji Radach let's it be known how he feels about the UFC:

“The UFC actually never pursued anything,” Radach answered when asked to address reports that he had received an offer from the UFC before signing with EliteXC. “I actually gave them the option at first (to negotiate) by letting them know I was interested in fighting for the UFC again. But they said I needed to win a fight before I could be a part of the UFC. That really was kind of retarded from my point of view. If there’s a good fighter out there, then you want to grab that good fighter. It doesn’t make a difference if he goes out there and beats a nobody and then gets a win and comes back in. It’s just really stupid. Why is it important that I go out and smash somebody just to get a win rather than fight a top guy in your organization?”

Radach will fight Ninja Rua this Saturday on EliteXC: Heat on CBS.


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