Bernard Hopkins Says If You Like Biting, Watch UFC

The following is a quote from Bernard Hopkins about his opinions of MMA (and the UFC in particular):

“Let me tell you something. Boxing survived the mob. It survived Don King. It survived every bad thing you can possibly imagine. You want to watch UFC? Go down to your local bar on a Friday night. After a few drinks, a couple of drunks will start throwing punches at one another. There's your UFC for you. UFC is street fighting in a cage. Boxing is a controlled, skilled talent. There's no comparison. Boxing's not going anywhere. It's hundreds of years old, man. You want to see biting, kicking, and kneeing? Go to your nearest bar. You want to see fighting, go to Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on July 21.”

To read the full interview, visit That means a lot coming from someone who uses his time in jail and street-fighting abilities to promote himself in the sport of boxing.

Plus, wasn't there a Randy Couture video interview on a major boxing site recently where he talked of Hopkins as a friend? Captain America better show Hopkins what a real 40+ year old bad ass is all about.