Beyond The Fight Podcast: Jones-Cormier Brawl, Drugs In MMA & More

On this week’s episode, the Beyond the Fight crew discussed the Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier’s recent brawl at the UFC 178 Press Conference, weird behavior from both men afterwards and how their status as top fighters will affect any punishments handed down as a result of their behavior. 

The crew also gets into Jose Aldo’s comments on TRT users and the overall impact of performance enhancing drugs on the sport. 

Plus, UFC announces several new fights for upcoming shows. 

As always, comment below and tell us what you think of the show.

Hosted by Tim Fairbanks with Beyond the fight analysts Nate Melendez, James Hines, Marcus Massey.

  • Jessica Pyles

    First and foremost great work guys. Love the different views on a topic, also that everyone comes together in a comedic way.
    Here is my take on the brawl between these two “men”…. You’re job is to literally fight. Talk sh** or what have you, I get it, hype up your crowd; sell more tickets. But bring all that energy to the octagon, put on a great show and get to beat your enemy into the ground.. Seriously though, putting hands on one another outside of the octagon, should have consequences… not even to mention it was so public that it cannot be hidden. Should they cancel their fight?- No. Should they be penalized, absolutely. Acting like a damn fool will get you no where, people are going to look at these guys like kids. We want to see real MEN and WOMEN fight, not whiny kids.
    I also have a feeling that Marcus has his own theme music playing in his head at all times.