Big Nog Talks Long Awaited Bout With Randy Couture talks to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira about his upcoming UFC 102 bout with Randy Couture. The bout, is one that many fans have wanted to see over the years and although both fighters may not be in their primes anymore, it will be interesting to see how this fight finsihes at the end:

“When I was done with Pride and I had a first meeting with (UFC president) Dana White and he asked me `Do you want to come to the UFC, you know you’d be welcome, let’s talk about it,’ it was like a friendly conversation before doing the contracts and everything. I was just thinking about fighting Randy Couture. Once I was in a tournament in 2001 in Japan, he was in the same tournament as me and I was watching all his fights, prepared to fight against him but it didn’t happen. Always when I think about fighting him, it’s very exciting for me, it makes me up for training a lot. I expect a good fight, I know he’s a very good top-level wrestler, I’m a good jiu-jitsu guy. Both can strike, I think it’s going to be a match people have been waiting to see for many years.”