Big Nog Wants Rematch Against Frank Mir In December

Ed Soares talks to

Rodrigo just got off the phone with me, and we were talking about it…Nogueira feels he is not making excuses…he's giving the reason he performed the way he did back in December.

There's a big difference between making excuses and giving the reason why. And just to prove that Nogueira is not making excuses, he wants his next fight to be against Mir, and he wants to fight him in December.

While Nogueira explains his want for the rematch to

“If I was making excuses, I would have been making excuses right after the fight. I’m not making excuses, I’m giving you a reason…. If Mir feels it’s an excuse, then lets get in the Octagon and see whether it’s an excuse or a reason in December and settle it. I’d love to fight Frank Mir at UFC 107.”