BJ Penn Says Lyoto Machida Is The Real Deal

The following is an excerpt from the newest edition of Fighter's Only Magazine:

BJ Penn: “Machida’s the real deal”

UFC lightweight Champion BJ Penn considers himself a fan of UFC light heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida according to an exclusive interview in the new issue of Fighters Only magazine. Penn fought Machida in 2005 in Japan losing a judge’s decision to the half-Brazilian, half-Japanese karateka. At the time Machida outweighed Penn by more than 30 lbs. Of the fighter Penn comments:

“He punches hard, he kicks hard…He’s not the biggest 205lb guy, but I guarantee you, he hits hard. He kicked me one time in the ribs, oh man…”

Machida has in the past been criticised for his unique style of fighting which relies heavily on his Karate background but Penn considers himself a fan.

“Machida’s the real deal. I like him as champion. I enjoy watching him fight, and I consider myself a fan of his…I don’t know if this is the `era of Machida’, but I have a lot of respect for him.”

BJ Penn will defend his title against Kenny Florian at UFC 101 on August 8th. In the 6-page exclusive interview he also talks about Florian, his loss to welterweight champion GSP and his views on competing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

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