Bob Arum Goes On Rant About Steroid Use In The UFC

Bob Arum was a guest on FOX Sports Radio out of Las Vegas recently and was quite outspoken towards the UFC and company president Dana White in particular.

Arum went on a big rant about steroids in UFC saying, “I'm not a pharmacologist so I'm not qualified for the UFC. There's more steroids and drugs in the UFC than the Tour de France. They'd better clean up their act. Because I don't care if I am 110, it's disgraceful to be involved in a so-called sport where every other athlete is using prohibited drugs.”

Arum continued, “and if he (Dana White) doesn't like it, then let him test the guys before they go into the match, not after, where 50-60% of the guys flunk a drug test.”

To listen to the audio version of the interview, click here.