Brandon Vera Comments On Being Held At Gunpoint spoke with Brandon Vera following his UFC 89 loss to Keith Jardine and during the chat, Vera tells them about what happened when he was held at gunpoint by robbers at his trainers Lloyd Irwin's house:

“As soon as he left, Master Lloyd starting telling him that he was going to throw up, saying, `I don’t feel good. I don’t understand what you’re telling me to do,'” said Vera. “The guy is pointing around with the gun trying to tell Master Lloyd what to do and Master Lloyd said every time he saw the gun wave to the side he said, `Got it. Got it. Got it.’ And then he said the guy waved the gun one more time and that’s when he just grabbed it, pinned him up against the wall, pushed the gun into his stomach and pushed the release on the gun for the magazine to drop out.”

Irvin then dropped to the floor to grab the gun and he gave Vera another gun he had in the house. Irvin fired a shot from his son’s upstairs bedroom window into the backyard as the two men fled the scene. The police were called to the scene soon after to put an end to an experience Vera described as “surreal.”

“I went and trained the morning after,” said Vera. “Later on I went to train for a session that evening. I was still nervous about being in a crowd. I had to sleep with a gun on me. I’m getting my license so I could carry wherever I go now. It’s changed my thinking a lot because if it could happen to me it could happen to anybody. It doesn’t matter where you’re living at, neighborhood or wherever.”


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