Lesnar’s WWE Return Ends Prematurely When Elbow Cuts Opponent At SummerSlam (Photos)

Brock Lesnar wrestled his first pro wrestling match for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since his UFC 200 comeback fight at the company’s annual “SummerSlam” pay-per-view on Sunday night and well, it’s safe to say “The Beast Incarnate” lives up to the nickname regardless of where he is competing.

Lesnar wrestled veteran WWE Superstar Randy Orton at the show in a match billed as “15 Years in the Making.” The two closed out the show with a match that ended by TKO due to doctor stoppage when Lesnar blasted Orton with a vicious elbow from inside Orton’s guard.

No, seriously …that’s how it ended.

Yes, everyone knows that WWE performers follow scripts, but as they say, “this ain’t ballet” and guys get banged up and injured way more often than non-pro wrestling fans might think.

Featured above are video highlights of the match released by WWE late Sunday night, however the elbow and cut are not included.

Below are photos that documents what happened for those who didn’t watch the show, and as you’ll see, Lesnar’s elbow shot badly opened up Orton with what the pro wrestling community calls a “hard-way cut,” which essentially means real, or accidental. Due to WWE’s policy on blood and the fact that WWE coudn’t control the bleeding, the match was stopped and Lesnar was declared the TKO winner.

For those interested, you can read a detailed WWE SummerSlam 2016 PPV report clicking here.

UPDATE: WWE Superstar Chris Jericho upset by Lesnar/Orton elbow situation, gets into a real fight with Lesnar backstage at SummerSlam soon after the match ended. Read our report on the crazy Lesnar/Jericho fight, which had to be broken up by Vince McMahon and Triple H, by clicking here.