Cain Velasquez Responds To Ben Rothwell’s Accusation That He’s On PEDs

UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez was caught off guard by Ben Rothwell’s PED-accusation earlier this week, but apparently he wasn’t shocked by the comments at all.

“That I am?” Velasquez said at a media lunch to promote UFC 188 on Saturday in Mexico City. “That’s a big compliment for me, because I’m never known for physique. For someone to point that out, I’m kind of flattered.”

Velasquez continued, pointing out that after Rothwell’s odd post-fight interview in the Octagon this past Saturday night, you can’t put too much stock into anything Rothwell says, as he’s become a character.

“Did you watch his after-fight speech?” Velasquez said with a laugh. “Maybe it’s coming from that, I don’t know.”

Regardless, Velasquez admits that it was still odd to hear Rothwell make those comments on Monday.

“Yeah, definitely it is,” Velasquez said. “Not being a guy who’s known for his physique, known for not being on anything. I’ve been tested before numerous times, before and after all my fights the day of. Again, watch his after-fight speech and you can find out where he’s coming from.”

Not only is Velasquez not bothered by UFC’s new drug testing policy, he claims to be a fan of it, as it will level the playing field.

“That’s great. I think we all need to be on the same playing field. So for them to finally be really strict on this is great for the sport. I know what I’m doing as far as what I’m doing to help me in fighting and I want my opponent to be on the same level.”

Cain Velasquez defends his UFC Heavyweight Championship against interim UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum in a title unification main event at UFC 188 this Saturday night, June 13, 2015, in Mexico City, Mexico.