Central Valley Ready For Olson's Return

Jeremy Luchau sent along the following:

Central Valley ready for Olson’s return

LEMOORE –Christian Printup was hounded by questions, comments and suggestions when the Palace Fighting Championship kicked off.

The Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino Entertainment Director was asked about everything from production to pay scale, but one question that was virtually asked more than any other — “When will we see Casey Olson at the Palace again”.

“I was asked all the time and by all the hardcore mixed martial arts fans in our area,” Printup said. “Casey's obviously a tremendous wrestler. He's evolving and with the guys he trains with his stand-up and overall skill sets keep improving. He's a very cerebral fighter. You'll notice he does not waste energy uselessly.”

The former Fresno State wrestler and World Extreme Cagefighting veteran will return to the Palace on July 19th for the sold out PFC3 “Step Up” where he plans on answering some other questions on the minds of Central Valley fight fans.

“I’m glad to be back fighting in Lemoore. I love fighting in the Valley. It’s my home,” said Olson, who is 4-1 and coming off a split-decision loss to Isaiah Hill (4-4) at Warrior’s Cup in April.

“I sleep in my own bed the night before the fight. Everybody I know can watch. It’s perfect,” Olson explained.

Olson is scheduled for a 3-round, lightweight bout against Stockton’s Brandon Jinnies (2-5). Jinnies made his PFC debut in Jan at PFC1 and lost by technical knockout to Oroville’s Shawn Bias (10-4).

“Olson is good on the ground, but I don’t know much about his stand up,” said Jinnies, who has lost four straight. “I don’t think this a big step up for me. A fight is a fight. I’ve done some crazy things in MMA that would make this look like nothing.”

Whatever the case, Jinnies believes he will put on a solid showing against the favorite.

“I just fight and try to kick his butt,” Jinnies said. “I’m a tough fighter. I think my fight will be the fight of the night.”

“Brandon is confident,” Printup said. “He’s a strong guy, very athletic and doesn’t back down from any challenges.

“Both guys are going to come into this fight in great shape and I think that it’s an interesting fight. I think it’s going to come down to whoever can make the other guy fight their fight.”

Olson isn’t taking Jinnies lightly.

“I always bet on them bringing their `A’ game,” Olson said. “I’m training like a madman. I was out for about six months with some medical conditions. I fought in April and took my first loss. I didn’t like that. I was real rusty. So, I’ve just been getting everything back, my timing and my conditioning. I make myself do things that I don’t think anyone would and I push it to the limit everyday.”

Olson could be a factor in two different weight classes in the PFC and is expected to be one of the favorites in both 155 and 145-pound weight divisions.

“Casey was one of the very first fighters to sign with us. He's a very talented, up-and-coming fighter with strong appeal in the Central Valley. He and Andy (his dad) have faith in the PFC and we're very excited to be able to give him a continued opportunity to showcase his talents in the Central Valley,” Printup said.

“I think that in most cases fighters should fight at the lowest weight they can as long as they retain their strength and stamina at that weight. If they have to really kill themselves to make a weight, then they should stay up in weight. For some guys their overall body composition, their height, etc come into play. I think Casey, at 145, would be very dynamic.”

“Everyone asks me about 145. Well I’m definitely small for 55's and I make it pretty easy. The guys always seem so dang big during fight night. But we'll see. Who knows? I’ve been praying about that decision,” Olson said. “God will give me an answer when the time is right. I might go down, I might stay, and I might go back and forth. I just want to get back on track and bring the fans some excitement.”

PFC 3 “Step up” should be one of the most exciting cards to ever hit the Central Valley. It features two title fights, is the third consecutive sellout show and the fastest sellout in Central Valley MMA history.

Sacramento’s Dave Espinosa (3-0) takes on Porterville’s Shawn Klarzcyk (5-1) for the vacant bantamweight championship and Bias (10-4) challenges Minnesota’s Aaron Maldonado (4-0) for the vacant featherweight crown.

In one of the more highly anticipated debuts in recent memory, Las Vegas’ Dewey Cooper (0-0) tangles with Venice Beach’s Adam Smith (0-0) in a light heavyweight showdown.

In other bouts:

–In the main event, San Luis Obispo’s Jason Von Flue (12-7-1) meets Lemoore’s Chris Botelho (2-2) in a welterweight showdown.
–Lemoore’s Kenny Ento (6-2) fights Palika Drummondo (2-3) at middleweight.
–Calousa’s Ruben Villareal (11-13-3) takes on Tulare’s Rafael Del Real (4-5) in a heavyweight bout.
–In a welterweight fight, Lemoore’s Mickey Martinez (2-0-1) battles Bakersfield’s Robert Breslin (3-6-1).
–Sacramento’s Mark Munoz (0-0) makes his light heavyweight debut against Elk Grove’s Donny Easterling (0-2).
–In a featherweight bout, Fresno’s Ralph Lopez (2-0) meets Sacramento’s Louie Moreno (1-2).
–Lemoore’s Elvis Franco makes his pro featherweight debut against Anahiem’s Scott Brommage (0-2).
–In a lightweight fight, Las Vegas’ Sean Dizaiy (2-1) fights Palmdale’s Joe Calavitta (1-2).
–Visalia’s Mike Cook (3-1) tangles with Bakersfield’s Paul Mince (4-3) in a heavyweight bout.
–Coalinga’s Mario Rivera (3-4) meets Bakersfield’s Joe Chaidez (2-0) in the welterweight division.
–Sacramento’s Jeremy Freitag (4-5) returns to action at the Palace against Philadelphia’s Lamont Lister (3-2) in a light heavyweight showdown.
–In lightweight action, Tulare’s Caleb Garcia (4-0) takes on Bakersfield’s Josh McCartney (1-1).
–Las Vegas’ Angelo Antuna (4-0) challenges Palmdale’s Seth Dikun in a featherweight fight.
–In a bantamweight eliminator, Jason Georgianna (3-0) takes on Visalia’s Brandon Miller (2-0).