Chael Sonnen On GSP Being The Best, Silva’s PED Use, Jon Jones Doing The Funniest Thing Ever


Former UFC title contender Chael Sonnen recently appeared on the “Louder With Crowder” podcast to talk about a number of topics, including his thoughts on Anderson Silva after Silva’s positive drug test, why he feels Georges St-Pierre is the greatest of all-time, becoming a father and why he feels Jon Jones did the funniest thing ever.

Below are highlights from the interview, which you can watch in full above.

On GSP as the GOAT: “I don’t think there’s any argument. it definitely goes to GSP. And GSP was ranked #1 in the world pound for pound. There was a press conference done and they said “no Anderson’s the best” and our president Dana White argued that, and that is his opinion. But the entire media shifted, they dropped GSP from #1 to #2, the moved Anderson to #1. Anderson’s a fantastic fighter, this isn’t a commentary on him, but if you want to talk about the greats, I’ve fought Anderson twice, I’ve worked out with Georges, I’m just calling it like it is, it’s Georges.”

On if he’d have fought GSP in his prime, and who would have won: “Well I will tell you this, I worked out with GSP and it was competitive and close, but Georges got the best of me. He was strong as an ox, it was shocking to feel his grip, I remember when he would grab a hold of me it was like a vice grip, and he was also a lot quicker than me because of that size factor. And it was enough to upset me, I remember driving home that night thinking “I need to get my hands on this guy again, I can beat him I can beat him… but if you want the reality of our one private training session to which Kenny Florian was the only witness, I will admit that St. Pierre was impressive.”

When asked whether he thought Anderson was using when they both competed against one another: “There’s two tests that you take, Steven.. the first test is not the urine test. The first test is the visual test. When a guy takes his T-shirt off and gets into the ring or steps on the scale, you look at him. If a guy got better with time, you can’t do that on your own. Anderson Silva’s body doesn’t appear to have changed at all. So any reasonable person would conclude, that whatever he’s on now, he was on before but there’s no evidence to support that.”

On becoming a father and seeing the ultrasound for the first time: “You know it’s such a cool process… Seeing the baby move and open his hand and do all of these little things and be a little person, It’s a cool experience. It’s emotional it’s life-changing, it’s all of those things that you hear, and I’m not immune to it.

I was pro-life to start with, but here’s the argument on pro-life. You either believe that it’s a child or it’s not. If it is a life then we all understand that we must protect it, but when you end up in a debate with somebody, that’s the stance they’ll take. They’ll just say that it’s not a life. If you ever have that ultra-sound, it really defeats that argument. It’s very clearly a life. It’s moving and it’s kicking, they’ll show you, there’s the lungs, there’s the heart. There are his ears, there’s no way around that.

If you come away from that ultrasound and say that it’s not a life… that’s just a silly thing to say. For sure, it is.”

On whether he knew about Jon Jones’ cocaine use beforehand, and the infamous “Can of Coke” conspiracy theory: “I would tell you this… Gatorade is for suckers, pedialyte is for babies and coca cola is for gangsters and there is absolutely no correlation other than Coke sponsored me, and it’s delicious.”

On a slight falling out with Mike Dolce because he loved coke so much/drank it at the weigh ins: “He was so mad, and he told me ahead of time that it was going to make him mad. I didn’t take him as sincere, I thought it was like a “joke” mad. We went to dinner after that, he didn’t come to dinner…I want to put into context, I was 17 pounds overweight, 22 hours before I made the weight, so I lost 17 lbs in 22 hours, to explain to you the level of thirst and dehydration I couldn’t speak, because there was no saliva… Imagine how good an ice-cold coca cola tasted right there. There is one shot in your life, to enjoy a coke that much… Dolce the fight before had taken my coca cola away. I literally resented him for an entire year after that. I said I can’t do it again, I gotta have a pop.”

On why he feels Jon Jones did the funniest thing ever: “Listen, this is funny, this is not right. But to pretend this isn’t funny…. he checked into rehab, he signed in, and he signed his ass right back out! They can’t force you to stay in rehab, they also can’t disclose how long you stay, there’s absolute anonymity…So when he wants to make a statement and say “hey I checked into rehab.” He never stayed in rehab! He never said “I completed rehab.” That might possible be, the funniest thing that he’s done. I’m not weighing judgment at all… but that’s straight out of a movie! The guy walked in, signed his sheet and walked right back out to his Bentley and drove home. That’s a gangster move! Any way you look at it.”


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